Continuing proof that Leftists are in fact insane

What has happened to our country when this and similar events, more and more, become the standard portrait of Leftists — particularly on various campuses across the United States?

This is, literally, the keening, wailing sound of insanity. How else could one typify the situation? We’re looking not upon a student but instead someone who requires very serious psychiatric assistance before itself or others may be gravely injured.

The story seems to be that the incident occurred on the Arizona State University (ASU) campus. One site indicated that the Arizona State student who attacked a peaceful Christian protester surfaced from 2014.

Considering the possible age of the video — three years — we can clearly see how the situation aboard campuses across the nation has deteriorated with rather shocking rapidity.

Sometimes, as my now-passed mother-in-law once said, “people are here on this earth as examples of what not to be or do.”

Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.



An analysis and opinion on the current state of the US Navy by James A. Lyons, ADM, USN (Ret.)

The U.S. Navy’s loss of two sophisticated, key anti-ballistic-missile-capable destroyers within a matter of several weeks is symptomatic of a much larger issue. The fact that these highly maneuverable ships were “steaming” independently and collided with two civilian merchant ships, which was clearly avoidable, demands drastic corrective action.

A recent directive by the Chief of Naval Operations Adm John Richardson calling for a top-to-bottom review by all levels of the Navy’s command structure is a step in the right direction.

Areas most likely to be reviewed include the current size of the Navy and an assessment of its impact on force deployments, operational tempo as well as lack of time for required maintenance. Certainly, current training procedures and how personnel are qualified to perform critical bridge watch-standing duties, as well as in the combat information center, must be examined. While these are key areas to review, the Navy has always had long deployments and overworked crews, neither of which affected fundamental seamanship on operating our ships. However, I am sure that eliminating of the Surface Warfare Officer School will be highlighted as a contributing factor.

In that sense, I never understood why a newly commissioned ensign from the U.S. Naval Academy or from a four-year NROTC program had to be sent to six months of additional training to learn to be a division officer before reporting to his first ship. What was he doing for four years of intense training at the U.S. Naval Academy?

One area that I have not heard would be examined is a “third rail” for the Navy as it deals with personnel-manning policies for its ships and aircraft squadrons: What impact has “diversity” policies had on a ship’s manning criteria?

Implicit within this is examining what has been the impact of President Obama’s social engineering mandates that were forced on our military and their negative impact on our readiness and capabilities. His Executive Order 13583 declaring that “diversity” is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment simply does not compute.

This is faculty lounge logic. What the EO did, in effect, was to provide cover for the forced implementation of his social engineering programs. Many of these programs were a distraction with valuable time devoted to “sensitivity training” instead of, for example, learning the meaning of “code of conduct.” Due to political correctness, our military leaders failed to challenge the EO just as they failed to challenge the Restricted Rules of Engagement that cost so many lives.

Another distraction that needs to be reviewed is the opening of all combat roles to women. There are many viable roles for women in the military — combat is not one of them.

When I used to visit ship wardrooms, it was not unusual for me to find that the chief engineer was an MIT graduate, the anti-submarine officer was a graduate of Brown, the weapons officer was a Naval Academy graduate, the first lieutenant was from Princeton, and so on. You won’t find a wardroom today with such talent. This is due primarily to current shipboard-manning policies that preclude this type of talent from getting shipboard billets.

President Trump’s recent decision to ban transgender personnel from military service was clearly the right decision No finer expert that Dr. Paul McHugh, former head psychologist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, has stated that transgenderism is not a physical issue, it is a mental disorder that needs understanding and treatment. It is not a civil rights issue and should never be forced on the military. However, with the hijacking of the American Psychological Association (APA) by the left, there are now enough votes to classify a mental disorder (transgenderism) as perfectly “normal.” Clearly, the APA should be decertified and no longer used by the Department of Defense as the key reference.

Over the years, I have found that there are three elements aboard ship that are unacceptable for good order and discipline. One, you cannot have a thief; two, you cannot tolerate a drug user or drug pusher; and three, you cannot have a homosexual aboard. In fact, the entire LGBT agenda is clearly a distraction and impacts negatively on unit integrity, cohesiveness and the “will to win.” It should be pointed out that in the late 1800s, homosexuality was so rampant on Navy ships that mothers would not let their sons enlist until the Navy cleaned up its act.

The bottom line is that the military is an institution whose mission is to protect and defend the country against all enemies foreign or domestic. Anything that distracts from this mission must be rejected. It is the institution that sets the standards for enlistment. No one has a right to serve in the military unless they meet those standards. In that sense, Navy leadership can take the lead in rejecting the social engineering mandates that were forced on our military forces by the Obama administration.

I believe the current problems our ships are experiencing can be traced to these mandates. With the hundreds of millions of dollars that are expended to build today’s sophisticated warships, we must have the “best and brightest” to man those ships. Now is the time to take the lead by breaking the shackles of political correctness and put the Navy back on an even keel.

James A. Lyons, ADM, USN (Ret.)

P.S. by BZ

The US military is entirely the wrong venue in which to experiment societally with its citizens. Any number of civilizations before ours became unraveled and then perished when they diluted themselves from within by missions separate from those ensuring its inherent safety.

Your company’s line for at least a decade now has been, “we’ll just have to learn how to do more with less,” has it not?

The one true job of the United States, Constitutionally, is to “provide for a common defense.” In terms of the military: surprise. Sometimes less is nothing more than less. And accomplishments diminish with less. So do core competencies, as illustrated above.

Social engineering forced upon the US military is the first place to be avoided and the last place to be implemented. The entire success or failure of our nation demands it.

Finally, Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution reads, “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

That is the responsibility of and domain of the US military.

Not to serve as a test bed for social experimentation.



BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon, Thursday, October 19th, 2017; it’s Skewer Leftists Night

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I labeled this the Skewer Leftists Night because, after all, I skewered Leftists. Not difficult, as they exposed their soft white underbelly to me. They always do. Most recently much worse than normal.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • Chief of Staff John Kelly responds to Lunatic Hat Lady;
  • James Comey lies his arse off;
  • Trey Gowdy exposes the truth;
  • Comey drafted his exculpatory speech months before he exonerated Hillary Clinton; just why would that be? A politicized FBI beyond redemption?
  • The “fix” was “in” and everyone knew it;
  • More First Amendment regulatory threats;
  • Leftists want to shut down the informational flow of truth by any means necessary;
  • It keeps their corruption in the dark, purposefully;
  • Drudge, Facebook, NYT readers could face libel suits for sharing “fake news”;
  • There is so much more to come;

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