Jim Lehrer responds to “I was a poor moderator”

The Leftists came completely uncorked following Wednesday’s debate.

Mr Obama’s poor showing simply could not be the result of his poor showing.

Instead, it had to be other influences: sunspots, tidal pull, the Coriolis Effect, the nasty altitude in Denver and, of course, Jim Lehrer.

Mr Lehrer responded to the mass excoriation:

I thought the format accomplished its purpose, which was to facilitate direct, extended exchanges between the candidates about issues of substance. Part of my moderator mission was to stay out of the way of the flow and I had no problems with doing so. My only real personal frustration was discovering that ninety minutes was not enough time in that more open format to cover every issue that deserved attention.

I have to agree.  One important duty of a moderator is to “get out of the way” of the candidates.

That said, the Obama Handlers have decided it’s time to get back in Chicago-Style Politics As Usual.  No shock there.




6 thoughts on “Jim Lehrer responds to “I was a poor moderator”

  1. The debate may not have gone as Lehrer intended, I honestly thought he had little control of the debate, but the end result was magnificent…

    Obama spoke longer than Romney, Obama rambled, he made goofy references, he wandered all about the topics at hand and he NEVER looked Romney in the eye as he spoke..

    But none of this can be blamed on anyone other than Obama, and certainly not on Jim Lehrer…

    • Here’s something interesting to try, if you have access to the debate you can view: turn off the volume and watch the body language. It’s called proxemics. From Edward Hall. Also advanced: microexpressions and Paul Ekman. Ekman’s books are fabulous. Read them all.

      Anyway: turn off sound and see what you see. Highly revealing.


    • I too felt he lost control now and then, and was surprised at the fact Obama got more minutes speaking than Romney.
      Romney was just more efficient.
      And it was SO obvious the libs are now spinnin’ like crazy.

      • And there you go: efficiency.

        But, on the other hand, don’t go confusing the situation and Leftists with actual FACTS.


    • I’m with you: it was not and should not have been “All About Jim.”

      It should have been all about Barack N Mitt.


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