Patience, pretty please:

Perhaps some of you have noticed my blog has had its “ups and downs” in the past three or four days.

This is a server/host issue, not a WordPress or BZ issue.

Trust me when I tell you there have been many, many hours of hate, discontent, dirty words, sweat, mud, keyboard tapping and strenuous phone calls made in order to ameliorate this problem.  Bushwack has been laboring mightily behind the scenes because Yours Truly is a complete HTML Idiot.

I would ask kindly: if BZ doesn’t load immediately, please don’t give up.  Please come back.  The problem is temporary and may in fact be fixed.

Final question: have any of you experienced problems with the BZ site within the past few days, and what were the results?

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!




12 thoughts on “Patience, pretty please:

  1. We have ALL, the bloggers on the server we share, have had issues of late… As BZ said, hopefully it is now resolved…

    Yes, Rob has worked very hard to get this straightened out, so has our server host and their Tech staff… I just sit back and watch what happens.. :|

  2. If it weren’t for Rob — and you — I’d be standing in front of my department with a sign that said “Will teach cops to drive cars and motors for food.”


  3. Yeah Mark, Things are still a bit buggy. Seems we traded one very frustrating issue for another. If this was an HTML issue I’d have it solved in about 2 secs. It’s not. It has to do with DNS, redirects, security on the server the move and a whole bunch of backend shit that THEY were supposed to handle when they switched us. The techs have been helpful but so far NOT SOLVED the problem. As of now, I have direct communication with high level techs they are working on it and there’s little I can do but keep them informed.

    • When I went to Fred’s blog it gave me a Cloud warning, not a 404 or “this doesn’t exist.”


      Folks, as I say, everyone’s working like heck on this!


  4. I’ve had problems over the weekend, slow/no load, and when/if I did get in, about 1/2 the time I couldn’t get comments to load. Also just noticed that my info is not populating. I got in fine just now. And yes, we’ve ALL been having problems… sigh…

  5. Again, folks, thank you VERY MUCH for continuing to visit me.

    We are all working on it.

    As best we can.


    As best THEY can because I am a techno-buffoon.


  6. Recently I haven’t been on line as much. I think in the last two weeks I saw one 404 server not responding, and one where the site just wouldn’t load.

    So… I blamed Obama.

    And I promise to continue to do so as he continues to blame Bush. The silver lining is that your service interruptions fuel my disdain for the current “minustration” regardless of their origin.

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