220-square foot apartments approved in San Francisco, Fornicalia:

From CBSSanFrancisco.com:

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco’s building code got downsized Tuesday with the Board of Supervisor’s approval of a pilot program that will build efficiency units, or apartments with reduced square footage requirements.

The board, in a 10-1 vote at Tuesday afternoon’s board meeting, approved the ordinance that will change the definition of an efficiency dwelling unit to include units that are as small as 220 square feet, including the bathroom and closets.

There you go, Leftists: LIVE IT.  And LOVE IT.

Your “imprint” upon this earth?  Minimal.  Possess nothing.  Because you will have nothing.  Because the government upon which you rely will ensure that you have nothing.  Except perhaps a water closet as a domain.

The legislation, introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener, was touted as a way to address the housing crisis in San Francisco where one bedroom apartments and studios can run up to $3,000 per month in rent.

Right.  $3,000 per month for a 220-square-foot shoebox — ?

Wiener said the small apartments will offer people an option to live on their own at more affordable prices, with the figure of about $1,500 per month rent discussed as an average rate.

Just one question: in YOUR area, what does $1,500 a month get you?  A minimalist apartment?  Or an actual home?

The storage shed I built on my property is slightly less than 220 square feet.

The sole dissenting vote came from John Avalos, who said the micro-units don’t seem like the proper solution to alleviate the city’s housing problems, especially for working class families getting priced out of their neighborhoods.

“This overall does not make sense for the San Francisco that I know,” Avalos said.

Avalos cited his own situation as part of a family of four living in the southern part of the city in District 11 in a 950-square-foot home, maxing out all the available space and unrealistically able to move into an efficiency unit.

Squeeze thousands into minimalistic imprints.  Make sacrifices.  Take mass transit.  Shove thousands and then millions into postage stamps.  Good for you.  Better for me.  Experience blackouts first.  Experience weather problems first.  Experience supply problems first.  Experience diffidence first.  Experience the lack of independence first.  Because you acquiesced to worse than lesser forms.  Because you were stupid.  Because you were smarter than anyone in “flyover states.”  When epidemics break out, you’ll be the first affected.  This makes me joyful.  You jubilant dupes.  Frankly, you’ll be the first to die in massive numbers from any number of problematic issues.  GREAT!

Raise your children — your multiple children — in 220 square feet.  Insist upon entitlements.

You are now entitled to 220 square feet.

Paid for by the government, of course.

By me: the American Taxpayer.

I’m sure you’ll do SO well in 220 square feet.




14 thoughts on “220-square foot apartments approved in San Francisco, Fornicalia:

    • Goodie. I can’t wait for Leftists to squeeze themselves in to squirrel cages.

      Maybe a circular thingie to make the electricity?


  1. 220 square feet? You know that’s double the space in a Tokyo apartment… But if they keep trying they’ll get that square footage down.

    San fran is asshole of America. The moral fiber gone, the American drive to succeed independent of Government is GONE, the decline and depravity of society is complete in that City. Which brings me to this point: San Fran is a very white city, while they have a moral compass pointed due south, they don’t have near the crime rate as NORMAL big cities. They are all about free love, freedom to do everything under the sun (as long as you don’t disagree with the group think) And the prices of city living have priced out the Chicago/LA type of dwellers.

    In the event of a disaster, the people in San Fran might just be fine, we’ll find their bodies encapsulated in weed, heroin bags and anal lube… But they’ll be found in big groups because NONE can think for themselves. When the system collapses, they will be looking skyward asking for GOD’s help as they were in Sodom…

    • San Francisco used to be a beautiful city. But now the bums are passed out everywhere, Pier 39 is a dive, and I mostly don’t go there any more, if I can help it.


  2. Shit, I’ve seen bathrooms almost that big. Now, if they were to make the FREELOADERS places that big to save TAXPAYER money, maybe we wouldn’t be bitching.”Ya git what ya pay fer!”

  3. They won’t be raising any kids there. SF Apocalypse or not is self correcting as they have sub-European fetility levels (bad area to raise kids, expensive, too many gays) despite city efforts.

    Also the concept is inherently flawed since even with an SF living wage (about $15-20) a lot of people can barely afford one and a roomate is not really feasible.

    Also a lot of neo-serfs really don’t own much, clothes, an I-Pad and some basics. I don’t see any point to that kind of lifestyle myself , its 3rd world and I suspecty despite liberal prating few do.

    Oh as to what $1500 gets you, My part of Cali is overpriced but it will get you 4 Bedooms and a car payment

    • Matt:

      First, thanks for visiting, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Please return any time. And yes, no kids there and no replacement kids.

      At least not of the gay or Caucasoid variety.

      But I suppose if you closet yourself up all day with an iPad and have no human contact, all is well.


  4. Do not underestimate Ancient truths: “an Irishman’s home is his coffin…” Looks like I’m going on a Real Estate run !

    • If you’ve got the cash, build and/or purchase the greatest number of San Francisco coffins that you can!

      And thanks for visiting and commenting.


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