Black Friday: a day to decompress

Yes, I am at work.

No, I am not shopping.  Nor queuing up in line for alleged “bargains.”

In Sacramento, where I work, the local early morning news shows are indicating a rather dismal response to Black Friday.  No real crowds.  This may not bode well.

Today is tryptophan-recovery day, also.  For me, lamb-recovery.

Do well; be safe.  More politics later.




10 thoughts on “Black Friday: a day to decompress

  1. Well, Judging by the crowds my wife saw last night, perhaps the black friday morning tradition is looking slow because so many took advantage of early shopping. Wife was at Walmart for their 10pm deals and the store was absolutely stuffed with people. Of course the deals they were offering were incredible. a 60″ visio smart LED razor thin HDTV for 688.00? They had 33 available and I needed a new TV. Wife and son sat there 5 hours to get it. Saved me about 500 dollars. If I had to sit there, I’d have spent 500 extra dollars. NO FKN WAY

    • That may be it — available shopping on Thanksgiving.

      How sad.

      And yes, better someone else sitting there than me. My patience is quite minute, these days.


  2. Yeah I’m not real happy about seeing places open on Thanksgiving day either. On the flip side of that argument is the free market. One does it, the next one must do it to compete. Now to give walmart a little kudos….

    They didn’t have any deals (At least around here) until 8pm. Most folks are either watching TV or in a food coma then anyway. Their big deals didn’t come up until 10pm. Even though in order to get something you had to be there real early.

    And I’ll tell you this, the cops that walmart had there were very happy about being there. They were all making some good coin.

  3. My hubby worked 24 hours yesterday, Thanksgiving, so that those who have small children and large families could have the day off. I spent the day blowing leaves, washing the car, cleaning, etc.

    No shopping Black Friday for me, I wouldn’t fight those crowds for anything.

    We relaxed today, had our Thanksgiving today, he watched the football games from yesterday that were recorded on Direct TV

    • Luckily I worked Thanksgiving and Black Friday. No crowds for me, not any more.

      And the Jets game? Holy crap, is Rex Ryan moribund. Where was Tebow?


  4. No black Friday shopping here. You never know where the melee will hit.
    Did the bird tonight. It’s too much of a rush on TG.
    I did watch the Redskins / Cowchips game however; heh.

    Happy Thanksgiving ;)

    • ∞ ≠ ø :

      Saw that game too, on DVR. Rapidly, actually, with much fast-forwarding because I had to work today. One of my co-workers is a BIG Cowboys fan — and my Dad, God bless him, was a HUGE Cowboys fan. My co-worker wasn’t really much liking the results, but I enjoyed the 38 – to – 31 win by the Redskins!

      The Jets? What a damned cock-up!


  5. I used to go shopping on Black Friday. No more! The wackos are on the loose — and the rate of accidents in the malls skyrockets.

    I didn’t work yesterday. Well, not officially. I DID take Mr. AOW to a my client’s home, where we celebrated a Chinese Thanksgiving. Getting Mr. AOW out and about is back-breaking labor.

    Almost everybody at last night’s Chinese Thanksgiving party were Christians who had fled Red China. Great food, great company — even though few spoke English very well.

    And we brought home wonderful leftovers, too. No cooking for the weekend — except for what I put on in the crockpot this morning: venison chili.

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