16 thoughts on “Larry Hagman: dead at age 81

      • Yeah…
        Grade “A” prime.
        Michael Ansara is an idiot.
        I never watched Dallas or “I dream…” but i certainly knew about Barbara.
        And Hagman is another of those that was lucky enough to do something that brought pleasure to other people’s lives.
        He as a virulent non-smoker, and I admire that.

  1. I watched and “graded” a private showing of this in Hollywood in 1965, while recovering from injuries sustained in the Watts Riot.
    Sat with my wife in a specially equipped theater, with a button to push when I liked something, and also another button for something not liked.
    Gave it an A+.
    Hagman was an US Air Force Officer.
    As a Texan, never really followed the “Dallas” tv show, as I was from Dallas, and the part I knew, was not anything portrayed on the show.

  2. I think they really missed the mark using Fallas as Hagman’s highlighted claim to fame. I Dream of Jeanie has had probably 10..20…30 times the viewership over the years due to its massive success in off network syndication, an area where Dallas flopped. It was a nighttime soap opera, plain and simple. Viewable only once even for those who watch soap operas.

    Hmmm Did I mention that the Redskins just beat Dallas? Well… if I did, I’m sure Dallas fans will understand…. won’t they. Yeah… they understand… It’s just like giblets.

    oh, ;)

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