Susan Rice for Secretary of State — ?

UN Ambassador Susan Rice knows that what she said about Benghazi was not true — let me make this blunt: a LIE — but “necessary” according to the Obama Administration.  She was purposely asked to obfuscate the issue and she complied.  This was not done by some kind of mistake; it was instead done blatantly and with impunity when she was scheduled for all five major political TV shows the Sunday immediately following the death of Ambassador Stevens and three good SEAL members.

Susan Rice personally and purposely and knowingly misrepresented the Benghazi Consulate story.  She was responsible for the meme and talking points becoming some half-assed and poorly produced YouTube video (Innocence of Muslims) which resulted in that individual being placed on a plethora of Islamic death lists globally.

Susan Rice was a Good Drone.  She took one or two for the team.  She lied for Mr Obama and helped him to get re-elected.  And as such it was recently discovered she was in line to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

But I submit: can you actually get a bald-faced LIAR through the US Senate with no opposition and no “holds”?

Susan Rice lied, full well knowing she was lying.  Rice had the accurate and complete story before her, and chose to carry Barack Hussein Obama’s water.

As a result, the GOP has put a halt on Rice.  Perhaps only temporarily.

Because, as far as Mr Obama is concerned, she needs to be rewarded for her fealty.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post indicated Susan Rice was in the running to replace Hillary Clinton as SoS, when Clinton steps down next year as indicated.

Check out Occam’s Razor.  It’s a payoff for lying, plain and: simple.




12 thoughts on “Susan Rice for Secretary of State — ?

  1. The poser with a FAKE name told her to LIE!
    Everybody knows this now.
    Give her a job for lying????
    Only a negro would do this, give one, and the negress would accept it!!!!
    What in hell is happening????
    Must be the negro morality, oh,,,,they don’t have one.

  2. I submit this for thought… Who cares?

    We’ve had Hillary for 4 years it was pretty much the expected disaster. The next four years everything that happens will be blamed on her.. No matter who gets the job.

    Here’s another way to look at it, who would you expect to get the job? John Bolton? Never gonna happen under this piss ant of a POTUS. The options are going to be John Kerry or Susan Rice. And to me I could care less about this appointment. Let the middle east burn let these ideological driven idiots destroy the whole shit for all I care.. But what I do care about is the SCOTUS appointments.

    IF the Republicans spend too much time and effort on blocking one of these idiots the real fight will be SCOTUS appointments and when that happens, the left will use the obstruction here to apply political pressure on the R’s… And it will get them in the same ol no win situation.

    Let the Sec state be whoever Obama picks, then they can hold the line on SCOTUS appointments from the higher ground.

    • Actually, here is what will happen because history proves it:

      The Demorats will make demands, follow up on their demands, and remain resolute. The Republicans will cave.

      On this and on SCOTUS appointments.

      A fight? There IS no fight in the Republicans any more.

      They’re too concerned with knocking back drinks with their good Demorat friends at the end of the day, and discussing their common paychecks and their common fraud schemes and their majestic retirements for life.


  3. All Obama appointees should be blocked. They all are Communists or Islamists and are very much enemies of this Republic. With Obama in power this country needs four years of gridlock. He must be fought at every turn.

  4. I note that today Obama is singing the praises of Susan Rice.

    But of course! She likely knowingly lied about Benghazi so as to secure her position as Secretary of State. Chicago politics all the way — that’s what the next four years under BHO will be doing to America. :(

    • Of course he is. She carried his water and proved her loyalty. I’ll wager he can trust and manipulate her quite MORE readily than he could Hillary.


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