I say: let’s just drive off the Fiscal Cliff

The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is looming.

I say: let’s give the Demorats everything they want.  Whatever they want.  Raise taxes, tax raises, a few piddly cuts, and raise taxes.  Kill the Bush Tax Cuts.

Then raise the debt ceiling.

We’re going to tank.  There is no dispute to those four words.  We’re going to tank.

Look at my state.  Look at Fornicalia.  I absolutely love and worship the general topography of Fornicalia.  I love its mountains — where I live.  I love its coasts.  I love its forests.  I love its climate.  And I hate the topography of Texas.  I hate its flat nature.  I hate its heat.  I hate its coasts.  I hate its humidity.  It has no forests.  It has no mountains.  I hate its humidity.  Did I mention that I hate its humidity?  I hate its susceptibility to hurricanes.  Did I mention that I hate its humidity?

But I love its state philosophy.

There are those who believe that not only income should be taxed, but overall wealth.  And if that wealth is not made plain, then literal confiscation of actual property should result.  Jill Stein of the Green Party thinks this is a great idea.  A presidential candidate who was arrested in Texas due to Keystone Pipeline protests.  Right.  An attempt to make the US energy independent.  Stein: you are a complete loser.

Marc Lamont Hill, PhD, thinks that wealth taxation and subsequent confiscation is also a good idea.  He believes that trust funds should be taxed, your net worth should be taxed — in addition to whatever level to which your other taxes rise — and that France has the right idea in terms of taxation.  Despite the fact that any number of wealthy French residents have decided to let their feet do their voting.

Under Dr Lamont’s structure, the government would have to physically make some kind of assessment as to the wealth of an individual or an estate.  The value of furniture.  The value of paintings.  The value of architecture.  The value of homes.  The value of persons employed.  The number of cars owned, the number of bank accounts, wives, ex-wives, husbands, ex-husbands, number of trees, length of driveway, number of doors in a home.

If you don’t or can’t comply: the confiscation of your wealth physically and literally.

Fornicalia is going to tank.  The federal government is going to tank.  No one ever considers, in history, how excessive government managed to kill Rome.

In response I say: let it be so.  To the Republicans: let it go.

Let the Demorats have everything they want.  Every-damned-thing.  Everything.

To the Republicans who tip drinks with Demorats at the end of the day: you.

To the Demorats who tip drinks with Republicans at the end of the day: you.

Come January 2nd, something will have to be actually OWNED.

To the GOP: just stand back.  Let it happen.




12 thoughts on “I say: let’s just drive off the Fiscal Cliff

  1. Yeah.
    The only way we escape this mess is to start suffering NOW.
    But like heroin addicts, we don’t have the discipline to do what is necessary to fix the problem. So we’ll end up exactly like the heroin addict that cannot deny themselves their fix…
    We’ll all suffer.
    Those that didn’t see all this coming from miles and miles away will suffer most.
    Be prepared, or be a victim.
    Your choice.

  2. Hold it there pardner. Texas has mountains,,,over 8000 feet high.
    I’m about to start our “annual” trip to California to visit children and wife’s mother in Irvine, Calif. Son in Bishop. Daughter in Reno.
    We’ll drive out, visit, and get back to Texas’s”GOD’S Country” asap!!!
    I had a long career in Ca. But with the State of Cal pensions, my wife is nervous.
    You should be also!!
    Mine is Federal,,, should I be nervous too????

    • Mountains? With actual snow? Where?

      And yes, I am nervous since I’ll be going in about another two years. Everything could be retroactive.

      Even fed retirements may be up for grabs — except for politicians, of course.


    • If things go the way history indicates Chuck, yes, you need to be worried about your Fed. pension because the Dollar will soon be best used for lighting the fire in your fireplace or campfire.
      This is the problem…
      We’re repeating history.
      (Weimar Republic, the collapse of the Roman Empire.)

      Buy THINGS now to preserve value.
      I suggest THINGS like a water purification system, guns, ammo, and long-shelf-life food.
      If I’m wrong… nothing lost. Use the stuff.

  3. I doubt we’ll have to “give the demorats everything they want”, they are just going to TAKE what they want whether we let them or not. Witness Harry Reid wanting to (and probably will) do away with the filibuster, bozo using his presidential powers that he thinks he has to make his own rules and confirming people when the Senate is not in session, and the fed printing as fast and furious(ly) (pun intended)as they can. No, we won’t have to give them anything. Don’t be surprised if we find that there are no more Presidential elections by the time 2016 gets here.

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