Let the knee-jerk anti-gun legislation commence:

Penn Jillette BANFirst, outright confiscation is advocated by MSNBC’s Leftist Ed Schultz on Twitter:

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws who’s facts ? I have a fact for you. We are the Constitution and we as a people can change whatever we want. Get ready Dude !

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws a Glock pistol qualifies as an assault weapon.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd The NRA needs to state the case why assault weapons are needed by anyone.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd @gt500cws a Glock pistol qualifies as an assault weapon.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd Write all the feel good laws you want, it’s the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.

Ed Schultz ‏@WeGotEd Why should anyone own an assault rifle ? We need to be realistic about the 2nd amendment..society has changed, views have changed.

“Write all the feel good laws you want, it’s the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.”

Two Demorat senators want an outright assault weapons ban here.

Fornicalia Senator Diane Feinstein, 79, said on Monday:

“This is really the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  I’m beside myself over this.”

She’s going for “assault weapons,” she states.

Adam Lanza was, in fact, “deranged.”

And so-called “gun-free zones” do nothing but guarantee, to an offender, that they will not be met with resistance of any kind.  A bit of an obvious conclusion, yes?  But, of course, not to Leftists, Progressives and Demorats, who possess not the capacity to understand such concepts.  They act and react only upon emotions, not logic or common sense — a sense of which is not common any more.

Further, let us harken back to Eric Holder in 1995: “we need to brainwash people against guns.”

How about this, Mr Holder: we portray crime and criminals as they are?  Losers.  Cultural losers.  And to whom are you aiming this ire?  Truthfully: to large and compacted cities such as Detroit, Chicago, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles — cities that are packed with a high “minority content” (Though, in Fornicalia, as a Caucasoid I am now the literal statistical minority.) that belong to gangs because they have no two-parent families.  A paradigm that was eliminated by the very federal government with which you now work.  At one time the black family was the tightest nucleus possible.  But when you — the federal government — paid black women for more children absent a male in the household, the nuclear black family was inexorably doomed.  By Demorats.  Leftists.

But what will Demorats and Leftists and Progressives fail to mention?  Yes.  That would be statistics.  As in: violent crime has been trending down for the past 20 years.

Yoni the Blogger writes more truth:

Rampage violence is not solely an American problem.

It is a world wide problem.  Since 1904 the world has seen over 1,261 such incidents.

They happen in free countries such as America, and they have happened in dictatorships such as the former USSR and China.

The weapons range from edged weapons, firearms and metal bars.

I predict that America will see new gun control, over the latest school shooting. Despite the evidence of the good that guns have done in two of the latest incidents.

But prepare to be confronted with Truth that NO ONE in the DEM/MSM has mentioned, and that most persons fail to mention.  Truth:

We know that the shooter in Oregon was confronted by a civilian that was carrying a pistol, the civilian held fire because of people being behind the shooter. The shooter was working to try and clear a malfunction in his rifle, he saw the civilian aiming at him.

The shooter only fired one more round, the one that took his own life.

We know at the Sandy Hook, that when the shooter heard the first responders approaching he took his own life.

It is time we have a serious discussion about the positive aspect of gun ownership.

Guns in the hands of good people, prevent violence.

Israel proved that guns in our schools, stopped our schools from being targeted by terrorist.

Gun free zones create a pool of victims for these sick individuals.

I promise you, let a teacher kill one of these crazies and the rampage violence at schools will stop.

Precisely.  Because America and American politicians are addressing the wrong issue.  They are — of course, once again — taking the EASY WAY “out.”

Just as cash is an “answer” and is completely impersonal, so is addressing the tool in violence — the gun — an “answer” and is completely impersonal.  Because “impersonal” won’t cost votes.

Because Demorats and Leftists and Progressives and the DEM/MSM refuse to address the true issue: PEOPLE.


People VOTE.  Tools and cold pieces of paper and metal do not.  People — votersdon’t want to hear or read that they are the problem.

However, the Second Amendment has been upheld:

Most recently, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 11 struck down an Illinois law that prohibited most individuals other than hunters or law enforcement personnel from carrying weapons in public. The ruling relied, in part, on a 2008 Supreme Court decision striking down Washington, D.C.,’s strict handgun ban.

“The constitutional right of armed self-defense is broader than the right to have a gun in one’s home,” Judge Richard Posner wrote in striking down the Illinois law.

There are serious issues here.

Issues that the Demorats are truly unwilling to address.


I will write about the “mental health” factors later — a much-needed issue to be discussed.



10 thoughts on “Let the knee-jerk anti-gun legislation commence:

    • Coming up with gun legislation is, in fact, the easy and cowardly way out.

      No one wants to face the HUMAN problem of CRAZY PEOPLE.


  1. I was just reading this morning about another nutcase who killed his neighbors with a damned claw hammer. I think I’ll start a movement to ban all hammers over 2 ounces in weight. At least then they would only weigh enough to cause a good sized lump and a headache. Who cares if they could still sink a nail?

  2. I predict that there will indeed be a ban on all “scary” varieties of guns in the not too distant future. Dangerous characteristics such as color, pistol grips, and flash suppressors will be the target of the legislation. Such is the stupidity of the demorats and those that vote for them.

    • JJ, I wouldn’t bet against you in that regard at all. The “nastier” it looks, the more an attempt will be made to eliminate it.

      One problem: that niggling little thing called the US Constitution.

      The quagmire for Obaka: dare he simply create an EO and make an imperial “decree”?


    • The “elephant” in the room is societal and personal, not with the various tools involved.

      There were psychotics WAY before there were firearms.


    • 1. Yes he is. But he is also representative of the mood of the Left.
      2. It can be. . . [And should be BANNED according to Leftists!]
      3. Molon labe!


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