Boehner’s Plan B

Kabuki TheatreJohn Boehner is going to get the GOP to violate their pledge to not raise taxes, via his Plan B.  The DEM/MSM is already portraying Beoehner as having “conceded” on Wednesday.

Boehner will let the Demorats have their way, and then call it a victory.  I quantify it via one word only: capitulation.

George HW Bush broke his word to the taxpayers in 1988, in re “read my lips: no new taxes.”  And it ended his tenure.  Bang.

Yes, the Republicans cannot block tax increases.  But apparently they may sign off on Obama’s will to cut another $100 BILLION dollars from defense.  That is insanity personified — if for no other reason than because of the profligate manner in which Obama himself is applying our American military in numerous theaters around the planet.

And none — none — of the Republicans apparently have the huevos to publicly stand against Boehner and stand on a refusal to increase taxes.  With a singular exception: I listened to Marco Rubio speak on Hannity’s show indicating so.

Hugh Hewitt and his callers excoriated Plan B.  He wrote on Wednesday:

Plan B raises taxes.

A yes vote on Plan B violates the pledge many if not all GOP candidates took, and convoiuted logic won’t change that and Grover’s pardon won’t matter.

After the routine violations of the “Pledge to America” of 2010, GOP credibility is in tatters.

MSM will begin every story on taxes for the next two years with “The GOP once before broke its pledge not to raise taxes, so…”

Plan B cuts defense by $100 billion.

Plan B won’t pass the Senate.

So why exactly did this get pushed forward, without consultation with the Senate leadership and without any chance for the GOP base to weigh in?  At what point does GOP leadership figure out the “representative” part of their job?

This is a huge, indeed potentially catastrophic mistake, and the Speaker ought to withdraw the plan and send everyone home with a vow to make any tax cuts in the new year retroactive.  We will go over the president’s cliff, but the GOP will have some credibility left and may yet remember that the party of Reagan defends the military that defends us and, crucially, doesn’t raise taxes.

Thank you Hugh.  Precisely.

The Fed has already said it will print a TRILLION dollars next year.  Inflation is going to hit, in 2013, in a way and manner that harkens back to 1980 — where I was paying 12% for a home loan with a minimum of 20% down, and vehicle loans hovered around 20% to 25% or more.  Or worse.  Much worse.

Recognize this: HALF of the people in the US don’t have a mortgage, so the elimination of the mortgage deduction means nothing to the bulk of the Free Cheese electorate.  But what might you then conclude about the already-poor health of the housing market if this deduction is eliminated?

Boehner is not taking this crisis seriously.  Obama is not taking this crisis seriously.  No one in Congress is taking this crisis seriously.

Let me state things as bluntly as possible: these assholes have no skin in the game and play, cavalierly, with your “skin.”  That is because Congress does and has historically exempted itself from the bulk of the bills it passes — plus —  by the time each individual has reached DC they have a sufficient layer of fiscal scams and insularity as to guarantee their continued profit but upon retirement.  There is always another high-paying job awaiting for Congress Critters because that is their nature and their history and their linkage.

Congress simply has no skin in the game.  And they are not held to answer save “censure” or harsh language or perhaps a bit of sarcasm or temporary embarrassment via some red cheeks.

This is generational theft.  This is immoral.  It borders on actual evil because it is planned and plotted and designed and calculated to the Nth degree.

Make no mistake: on both sides of the aisle.

It’s all Kabuki Theater at this point.





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