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  1. There was NO point to it.. Romney was the chosen one, the sacrificial lamb… And I pointed that out on numerous occasions…

    The GOP is a bigger train wreck than a train wreck…

  2. The nagging doubt… he’s a member of the Bilderberg group.
    A man who does not have a passion for the presidency does not run for the presidency… unless his mission is to provide cover for a movement where his true sentiments lie.

    The press overplayed their hand from the beginning. Clearly the preservation of the Romney candidacy (the presumed Republican candidate) was in many hands until it was time to pull the supporting network. The ensuing silence was deafening. But the candidacy remains credible even if only through a genuine supporting cast. They may very well have been had.

    What may have been overlooked in a rush to not scrutinize Romney’s Mormon faith is the fact that Mormons aggressively recruit and do mission work globally. They, simplistically, are globalists vying for their place in the world…. or the new world order. Perhaps the next time their young mission workers roll through my neighborhood the character Rolf Gruber will spring to mind. Older and wiser indeed.

    Wishing you all a merry Christmas, and a brave new year.

    • Frankly, ∞ ≠ ø, I’m non-plussed.

      I have little comment. I’m still trying to process that the GOP and Romney decided to waste so much time and effort and dollars to no avail.

      I’ve re-written this comment three times and removed the vulgarities.

      But, the bottom line may be this: I am DONE with the GOP.


      • Ummmm,, I think, sir, that you are very plussed. Very plussed indeed.. (as am I) or some other p word. ;)

        The G.O.P. has been repeatedly Trojan horsed (Boehner, for example) and there is now no defining their platform. Libertarians are moral relativists and will erode. So what is needed is a true conservative platform. It’s there, but we allow it to be diluted out of fear of the effects of splitting the GOP. Well, I submit that breaking up the party will be of no consequence. The opportunity to clearly illustrate the socialist agenda of the current administration, and provide real uncompromised alternatives far outweighs, the possibility of loosing the old RHINO leadership before the midterms. So… lots to do….

  3. And funny thing?

    Various GOP elements are trying to “walk back” Tagg’s comments.

    You know what? I’ll wager the FIRST comments were the most TRUTHFUL comments.


  4. A more radical thinker than I posed the question “what percentage of Congress are in the capitalist party?”

    It was stunning to imagine the answer, and the implications.

    The most successful economies on the globe are pseudo fascist states. Maybe the US is just due for an alignment.

    I came across a statistic (have not, wait.. Can not do the math myself to check it) saying that all the annual federal taxes collected cant cover the interest on the debt the government has run up. China is okaying the paper mill at the Fed- and my entire generation is looking forward to the all consuming service industry.

    At least you are staring down the barrel of a pension.

  5. Seems obvious enough. The point was to keep up the charade. He played his part. Real choices that might have made a difference were kept out of the process.

    • That is absolutely correct.

      He was “anointed” because the conglomerate determined it was “his time,” I’d wager.

      That works, I suppose, if you belong to a pack of marmots.

      Not so well for the GOP.


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