Two New York City citizens killed by hands — NOT GUNS — in subway

bloomberg_2438651bNot by guns.


Two NYC citizens were purposely and violently pushed into the path of two NY subway trains in less than a month.  These are abominational events that no one seems to be addressing.  Or proscribing.

Mayor Bloomberg’s lackluster response to this?

“It’s a very tragic case, but what we want to focus on today is the overall safety in New York,” Bloomberg told reporters.

Had there been two purposeful murders in the New York subway system where firearms were utilized, do you suspect Mr Bloomberg would be quite so accommodating?

I don’t.

I submit: perhaps it’s past due time to evaluate the psychological health of those persons loose on the streets of New York.  They, unlike firearms, are completely UNregulated and UNmonitored by NY governmental and mental health authorities.

They roam at will.

They mumble and wander at will.

And they — clearly — utilize their hands to push at will.

Further, in the second event, the female was seen on cameras to be purposefully fleeing the scene which clearly indicates an awareness and consciousness of guilt.

Hands.  Guns.  Rocks.  Baseball bats.  A heavy vase.  A garrote.  A rope.  A Damascus steel knife.  A pair of panty hose.  A car.  Heroin.  A steel pipe.  A bowling ball.  A halberd shaft.  A machete.  A scalpel.  A claw hammer.  A locomotive.  A crossbow.  Semtex.  PETN.  C4 and C5.  Leaking dynamite.  Detcord.  An M18 Claymore.   A steel-toed boot.  Positional asphyxia.  Vomit.  Hardening of the arteries.

These are all things that can kill you.  And kill you dead.

These items — and firearms — are no more than tools.  Tools that various persons use in order to kill other human beings.  The most deadly American school killing in history, everyone has forgotten, occurred in 1927, when dynamite was used to destroy a school in Bath, Michigan — where 45 people were killed, of whom 38 were children.

In New York City — what no honest American media will tell youthe murder rate is at a 50-year low.  Firearms included.  I had to find this on UK media.

Recently, in China, two mass school incidents occurred involving violence.  And China, of course, with a history of a firearms-free populace.  Overall, school attacks in China are documented here.  And they are UP.

Tools or mien?

I’ll leave you to decide which.





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