Murders down; gun ownership skyrocketing

Roots of EvilSTORY 1: New York murder rate at lowest in 50 years.
Yet Mayor Bloomberg wants to confiscate guns outright.

STORY 2:  California gun sales jump; gun injuries, deaths fall.
Yet Fornicalia Senator Diane Feinstein wants to severely restrict and/or confiscate weapons herself.

Let me be quite blunt on the gun issue and the recent shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Yes, it’s an incredible tragedy when 20 small children and 6 adults are killed at the hand of a mentally defective genetic mutant — who decided to kill himself when he knew he would be confronted by trained police professionals carrying (imagine this) guns themselves.

With said mutant, his mother assumes a huge bite of responsibility for attempting to “socialize” and “norm” him by taking him shooting at a local range.

You cannot tell me that his mother did not know he was a genetic mutant.  Yet, despite this, she provided him with a disjointed view of reality by allowing him to play violent video games and, further, dragged him into the actual reality of firearms.  She taught him to shoot real weapons.

That’s like fitting an Eastern Diamondback rattler with updated, larger dentures with fangs, to include a bigger venom reservoir and a DVD on how to make it all work more effectively.  Then not expecting it to use the tools and training provided.

She paid for this mistake with her life.  Up front.  And I submit: yes, there is a price to literally be paid for stupidity.  There is yin with yang and deservedly so.

Yes, granted, parents have a tough time.  That I can determine, however, she enabled her lizard to grow into a full-fledged dragon.  As so many of today’s parents do with their children.

That said, allow me to be even more blunt:

I am not even remotely willing to suspend the Second Amendment for an event or a series of events like this.

Statistics, as clearly revealed above, indicate this event is an overall aberration.

Further, GunFacts 6.1 is here for all to see.  Logic, common sense, statistics.  I suggest you consult this site frequently.

Let me re-state: I am NOT willing to suspend my US Constitution or its Bill of Rights for any singular or series of shootings — and particularly not when figures indicate that violent crime and shootings are trending down instead of up, nationally.

Not for adults.  Not for children.  Not for you.  Not for me.  Not for my wife.  Not for anyone.

I don’t think I can represent myself in any more plain a fashion than that.


Gun Owners, Open Season


6 thoughts on “Murders down; gun ownership skyrocketing

  1. I Think Any Conflict More Likely to Be Initiated Now, than Later. Now, and the Leftists/progressives Can Say, the Right Is Loonie Tunes and Whacko, and We Need to Treat Them like Terrorists. Later, as the Prospects for the Loss of Liberties Are More Obvious Even to the Densest among Us, They Will Have a Harder Time Explaining Why Their Restraints on Liberty & Right Are Not Precisely That. By Which Time They Hope Fervently That We Are to Be Disarmed.

    Personally, as Far as I Am Concerned, the Sooner the Fight, the Better.

    Right Now, the Military Are with Us (Or, Just as Importantly, Certainly Have No Love Lost for Obama).

  2. Maybe your best post!
    On target in the 10 ring!
    The Ft Worth GunShow is in it’s 2nd day, setting records, as just about all vendors are selling everything on their tables.
    This sort of news drives liberals insane!
    Time for me to go to the range today.

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