Too low, too slow, too heavy

Much like the American economy.

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Published on Aug 4, 2012

Crash at 2:44
This is unprecedented footage of a small airplane crash from inside the cockpit from two different views. Miraculously, everyone survived. The pilot will make a full recovery and the rest of us escaped with superficial injuries and feel very lucky to be alive . This trip was much anticipated and due to our excitement we had our Gopro cameras filming at various times. After flying up into the mountains for a morning hike in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness we were planning on flying to a small mountain town for dinner. Due to warming temperatures there was an increase in density altitude and we had a hard time getting adequate lift. The cameras were left on for a couple of hours during the aftermath. Thank you to all the many individuals who eventually came to our aid and took the time and effort to help in any way they could. We appreciate you more than you know.

-Thanks to my brother Aaron who helped by editing and posting this video experience. Please visit his project helping others in need at

Likely suspects: older plane, unknown maintenance, altitude (thinner air), possibly coupled with temperature (was it a hot day?).  A small plane like that, at that altitude and temperature is susceptible and sensitive to weight.  A full passenger compartment (FOUR people and equipment!) means it’s overweight.  You can clearly tell, by the length of time required to lift off, coupled with the poor climb-out, that the aircraft was in serious trouble early on.

This crash was foreseeable.

So is the coming fiscal crash.




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