DEM/MSM: cherry-picking gun stories and IGNORING San Antonio, TX

[While we await the results of our incompetent Congress — the Senate passed its own “fiscal cliff” bill by 89 to 8 in the dark of Tuesday morning — I provide the following. -BZ]
San Antonio Theater Shooting, 12-17-12All we’ve heard recently is the need for gun control and confiscation, directly resulting from the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

Diane Feinstein swears to confiscate our gunsSo does Barack Hussein Obama.

“Mr and Mrs America, turn ‘em all in.”

Both persons (and more) demand an abrogation of the Second Amendment.  I am unwilling to do so, for children, for my family, for anyone — particularly in light of violent crime trending down nationally.  A statistic you will not read or hear coupled with recent shootings.

[Want real gun facts? Go here.]

Here’s another recent shooting (December 17th, photo at top) which was UNcovered nationally, because it was halted mid-stride by an off-duty deputy who shot the assailant four times.  This is not a “made-up story.”

Two people were wounded late Sunday when gunfire erupted at a local movie theater, sending panicked moviegoers rushing to exits and ducking for cover, police and witnesses said.

Jesus Manuel Garcia, 19, an employee at a nearby China Garden restaurant, apparently became upset Sunday night after his girlfriend broke up with him.

Why no coverage?

Because it is an inconvenient story.  It doesn’t fit the DEM/MSM/Leftist/Progressive/Demorat meme of “guns bad; must confiscate guns.”

Here is an incident where someone — ARMED IN PUBLIC — was able to avoid a further tragedy by using a firearm for protection of themselves and the public.

The DEM/MSM knows: we can’t have that.  We can’t publicize that.  We cannot assist in carrying the thought that guns can be tools for good.

THAT’s how corrupt your American media maggots are.


Newsweek magazine is folding, having produced its last print version this week.  It will now be available only on the web.  I say: goodbye and good riddance.  Its obvious slant, with other variables, killed it.  Newsweek will soon find its presence on the web likewise diminished.  A safety tip for “Newsweek” employees: you’d best start familiarizing yourself with a McDonald’s keyboard.

You Ignorant Journalista Maggots.

You are just now beginning to reap what you’ve sown for, literally, decades.  Live with it.  Embrace it.  Then realize it pays nothing.  You’re all Thick as a Brick.



6 thoughts on “DEM/MSM: cherry-picking gun stories and IGNORING San Antonio, TX

    • AOW, and there you go: “most people.”

      Therefore we may as well “go there” and admit it: the “most people” in this nation are ignorant of their surroundings, ignorant of their government.

      To their government’s pure delight.


  1. “Full Mag” Feinstein could use a lesson on where NOT to be pointing a ‘gun’ as she gives demonstrations on the danger of these ‘guns.’ My thinking is that our Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment SPECIFICALLY to keep Americans safe from their OWN government, too. I also think that may have been one of the reasons that we split from Britain — the disarming of British citizens.

    Even if we were to disarm every law enforcement agency, all our military and any other group that is now allowed, BY THE GOVERNMENT, to be armed… I’m not giving mine up. What about the rest of the world — or, the guy sitting right beside me? Let’s see how “Full Mag” and the rest of the government toadies out there, who depend on their ARMED body guards, would fare if they had to depend upon themselves for their own protection.

    I want to be armed with the same firepower as my government — they’ve got a 30 round mag, then I want to be able to have a 30 round mag. I feel I’ve given a mile by conceding to their having fully automatic weapons and I can only have semi-auto (even though full-auto in the hands of someone not trained is pretty ineffective.)

    That said, I’m all for ‘gun’ control — as long as there is only one ‘gun’ in the world and I control it.

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