Obama and Congress go over the fiscal cliff with their pockets stuffed full of cash:

Just as America goes over the proverbial fiscal cliff, Mr Obama recently signed an Executive Order increasing pay for himself, Biden, and Congress.

Despite what a Bloomberg Businessweek article characterized as “the nation’s worst economic slump in seven decades,” Barack Obama has issued an executive order granting pay increases for his second-in-command Joe Biden, Congress, and a number of federal judicial posts.

WHY, I ask, WHY hasn’t this information been BLASTED across the national and global DEM/MSM?

Whilst you and I suffer as taxpayers, the only people profiting are

We spend 42% of GDP on government.

When do we say “enough,” people?

When do taxpayers start to revolt?




8 thoughts on “Obama and Congress go over the fiscal cliff with their pockets stuffed full of cash:

  1. i’m glad you caught that, too………..I Googled and find it nowhere in the mainstream media…imagine!? RAISES NOW? Remember when corporations gave raises and the lefties went nuts? Gee, where ARE they now while they give themselves increases? :-)

    Happy New Year, BZ…your site looks great with the white background, by the way.xx

    • Where is the outrage?

      Where is the information?

      Where is the American press?

      “Happy New Year” also, though I suspect we should all be greeting ourselves with Crappy New Year. Thanks for the kudos on the site; it’s all due to Bushwack.


  2. Apparently there has been some sort of agreement reached. Without details I can only imagine that the can has been kicked again. So… more of the same for 2013. As a political battle of attrition is waged on Capitol Hill, an arms race continues between the Federal Government and the people of this once great nation. Time to abandon that hill, surround it, and represent ourselves differently.

    Peace through strength in the new year.
    Happy 2013.

  3. Outstanding post! Hope to be visiting often and, of course, I’m adding yours to my favorites.

    Have a GREAT* new year and keep zinging ‘em in there!

    *taking into account the past four years and considering what it’ll be like for… who knows how long?!

    • Thanks, Marine4Ever, thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. Please visit again.

      And finally, of course, thank you for your service. Happy New Year.


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