The federal government: background checks to be required for each ammunition purchase


Demorat Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut (no linkage, I’m sure), has said:

By Gary Fields

Associated Press

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) said he intends to introduce a bill this month that would require background checks for all purchases of ammunition, which he called the “black hole of gun violence prevention.”

Mr. Blumenthal said Tuesday that the bill would be in addition to background checks already required for firearms purchases from federally licensed dealers. Checks are run through a database maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that lists former felons, fugitives, those deemed mentally ill and others who are barred from possessing firearms or ammunition.

A felon who walks into a store to buy ammunition “can load an entire shopping cart, pay and walk out,” Mr. Blumenthal said. He said that sellers who are not federally licensed would have the checks run by a federally licensed dealer…

Though there is yet no text for the bill available to my knowledge, you can rest assured there will be limits on the amounts purchased overall, limits per-purchase, and limits within a period of time.  Additionally, because of the background checks necessarily involved you may also rest assured that the length of time for said checks will be extended due to the greater number of them required.

But, good news!  This will demand expansion of the government due to the additional number of federal drones to conduct these background checks, enabling each individual request to be rushed through committee in, oh, say, roughly six months.

A few immediate questions and issues come to mind:

-   An ammo check is another step along the way in order to drive gun owners away from being gun owners;
-   This will, by logical extension, eliminate the sales of ammunition over the internet;
-   This will, by logical extension, create an underground black market for ammunition, a la the 18th Amendment;
-   You will be pushing law-abiding citizens to potentially become law-breaking citizens;
-   The Domino Principle: backgrounding ammo, registering ammo, limiting ammo purchases, individual stampings, minimizing pressures, minimizing grain, limiting home loader black powder purchases, available metals, limiting casings and of course, eliminating lead and disallowing loaders to alternates;
-   Federal checks on ammunition storage: this would potentially require ammunition reports on said storage — is it secure?  How secure?  Where is it kept?  How many rounds have you expended per week?  Per month?  Further: are you licensed?
-   For example: as Rangemaster for my department, it was determined by my admin that we would accept surplus M-16s for de-tuning to semi-auto.  I had to account for each and every part removed from each rifle, and had to keep said parts sealed and safe for any future federal audits.  Because I took from the fed, I had to be accountable to the fed.  The fed could step onto my range with no prior announcement and demand an audit for its weapons; further, it could demand all those rifles back at a moment’s notice, in their prior fully-auto condition.  If I couldn’t provide, I was personally responsible.
-   The Logical Extension: could federal representatives demand entry onto your premises, into your home, in order to determine the make, manner and fashion in which you store your ammunition?  And could you be subject to immediate arrest if you are not in precise compliance?

This is the first step in order to ban ammunition wholesale which, then, would be used to ban firearms for the American citizen.  This is a lawyer’s attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment.  Make no mistake.  What is the Constitutional objection?

I say: it isn’t the government’s business what I buy, how I buy, when I buy and how much I buy in terms of ammunition. These are privacy abrogations.

Let us also not forget this:

EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo Close To Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control Laws

Governor Working On Deal That Would Go After Assault Weapons, Magazines

January 8, 2013 6:47 PM

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A deal to give New York one of the toughest gun control laws in the nation is being negotiated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who, sources said Tuesday, is hoping to announce the plan Wednesday during his State of the State speech in Albany.

The fuse is lighted.  And the weight of government on every level is coming for your guns, your rights, your freedoms.

Not to mention all your cash via taxes.




19 thoughts on “The federal government: background checks to be required for each ammunition purchase

  1. These bastards will never stop. I don’t want to sit around in a store waiting for the background check when I purchase my ammo. If I somehow went off the deep end and decided I wanted to kill a lot of people this would be of no help at all as I would now breeze through the check. All of us gun owners are probably storing a fair amount of ammunition and we don’t go around killing people. As long as the gun grabbers leave us alone we will leave them alone. They are the ones starting the war, not us.

    • hgpsurf:

      Correct. The Leftists in the federal government will not stop. They are MUCH like Islamists in terms of their ability to look at the Long Run.

      It absolutely addresses NOTHING of the mental health issue.

      Sane people don’t go into a McDonalds in San Ysidro and open fire.

      And those in government need to realize:

      The Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with “hunters.”

      It has EVERYTHING to do with the commoners’ ability to resist their own government.

      A point of history that, apparently, no one wants to address or acknowledge.


  2. Anybody that wants to have ammo when it’s really needed better be buying it NOW. Don’t worry about waiting on a background check, there won’t be any for sale anyway.

    That said, I am just as pissed off over this as anyone. Just another example of libturds sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. Damn I wish there was a way to tax stupidity. The government would be running in the black for a change!

  3. A bit off topic…How do you views mesh with your co-workers? Are they like you or are they mostly liberal gun grabbers? Also, how many of them are willing to knock on our doors if gun confiscation is legislated? Thanks.

    • My co-workers are cops. But the admin, like most admins, consists a great deal of frightened PC individuals. On the line level and my level, pretty darned Conservative.

      I promote Oathkeepers at work.


      • So by that (promoting Oathkeepers) I take it you mean the police will follow the law no matter what that law is. If that’s the case I believe life is about to suck in this country.

        Also, if Obama does any executive order on gun control it will come only from the left with no Republican input. Meeting tomorrow with the NRA is only for show and their input will go in one ear and out the other.

        • Check out — it means we have sworn to uphold the US Constitution as written, that we honor the oaths we swore when first hired.


          • BZ

            Thanks for the clarification. I signed up to be on their email list and feel good about the stance the Oathkeepers take. It’s good to see some sanity still exists.

  4. I just read that Joe Biden says executive action would be part of the new gun control measures. We all know what that means and all our fears of what Obama would do in his second term are coming true.
    In the article banning giving guns to minors was mentioned. This is insane and people with no exposure to handling guns are probably going to make all the decisions. Like many of you, I was introduced to guns at an early age and gun safety was ingrained into me. As long as youngsters are responsibly introduced to guns they should not be penalized, nor should adults who shoot with them.

  5. I was so pissed that I stopped and bought another 100 round box of .45 auto. My trusted and OLD 45 auto. It never failed me with the MACV-SOG 1961-1965…..
    I had just left the Doctor’s office where the schedule was made for an operation on my nose to remove a cancer lesion.
    I heard on the radio the Joe Biden vp interview,,,I saw red……
    Kinda scary,,,
    I feel better now with some more ammo.
    If this illegal president of ours starts a war, well, let it begin.
    I’m getting to the point, with these FEMA camps and all,,, that it will be soon that an all-out war will begin upon our possession of sling-shots.
    I’m not a martyr by any means,,,just an old warrior educated and trained to protect our USA from all enemies,,,foreign and DOMESTIC!

  6. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease resist. It will be entertaining to see you all hauled off to Federal Prison. By the way, while you’re there, please explain to you fellow inmates why Constitution that allowed slavery is still a viable document today.

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