Statistics the government and DEM/AMM don’t want you to know:

Correct.  In the past 20 years violent crime has gone down by 50%.  Murders are down by 54%.

And violent crime — gun crime — exists in heavily populate areas despite the massive amounts of gun control in those population zones.

So the reasons to enact more stringent gun control laws equate to a simple “disarmament agenda” by Leftists.  Not to control crime.  Not to lower violent crime.

A disarmed America is an America where citizens become subjects and proles and groundlings.


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7 thoughts on “Statistics the government and DEM/AMM don’t want you to know:

  1. The blog, Ozzie Saffa, also has posted this video. Below is a comment by the blogger, who is Australian:

    All that’s left to do is for Conservative America to figure out how to get liberals to watch this very informative and FACT BASED video and actually understand what they’re seeing without blowing one of their two brain cells!

    After all, facts are to liberals what sunlight is to vampires.

    • “After all, facts are to liberals what sunlight is to vampires.”


      As I say: never let logic, rationality, proportion, facts and common sense get in the way of a good, knee-jerk decision.


  2. Liberals could watch this a dozen times and still be scratching their heads. The truth seems to evade them. Mental disorder, I swear that’s what they all seem to suffer from.

  3. “After all, facts are to liberals what sunlight is to vampires.”

    Oh, alas, dead on! We have a population who does not know how to think critically and think the government is supposed to fix problems when, in fact the government usually IS the problem, as Ronald Reagan would say in one way or another.

    If kids would be required to read Animal Farm, 1984, Anthem, Atlas Shrugged, Lord of the Flies and the Narnia series as well as exposed to the idea of the Bible as the greatest literary achievement of all time, perhaps a few folks would try actual logic and reasoning on for size.

    BTW I highly recommend going to watch Les Mis’ (at theatres playing now) as an inspiring, heart-rending and glorious musical tribute to faith, courage and love in times of great trial!

    • Radaractive:

      First, thank you for visiting, and thank you for taking the time to comment.

      The saddest response to your comment is that, by and large, many kids simply don’t — literally — know how to read. Much less develop any sense of critical thinking — which is the precise OPPOSITE of what teachers actually want, particularly those in “upper education.”


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