One black man weighs in:

But do we listen to him?

No we don’t.  Because he dares to tell the truth.

Who’s the house negro?  The slave from the crack cup of liberal propaganda? This man?  Or the bulk of blacks who bought Obama’s rap to the tune of a hook, line and a sinker?

It’s just a question; these are just words.

Words that no one wants to hear.




8 thoughts on “One black man weighs in:

  1. The man is 100% correct in all that he said, and yes, it is a REAL SHAME that just about ZERO blacks will hear it!

    I will repeat here something that I have been saying for quite awhile now, “we have our first “Affirmative Action President!” Voted into the Oval office TWICE with NO consideration for any of the qualities neccessary, (AND LACKING) for the position, with NO vetting of any kind from the lame stream enemedia, and based solely on skin color, he got the job ahead of many many better qualified individuals. THAT is precisely the definition of “Affirmative Action!!!!!!” Shame on the American electorate!

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