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I went to a gun store today in OKC, called H&H to buy a couple box’ s of ammo, three to be exact. Of what is often referred as plinking rounds. Nothing big or major. Before they would show me the ammo, which is behind the counter. I had to give them my first and last name. I asked why and what for. They said so they can get my name and face on the camera with the box of ammo. So that way if a crime was committed police could match the ammo box to the store, and the one who purchased it. They said it has been that way for a year. After my friend grilled them about tracking every bullet individually, I was then able to get my ammo. Believe me I will not go back. Not every store is this way in OKC. But heads up its coming.


You thought perhaps all gun and ammo retailers would uphold your rights and not become government agents absent clear laws?

Guess again.

Perhaps its time for an examination of and questions for your outlets.




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  1. Oklahoma is an OPEN CARRY state, somehow I am seriously doubting the story about a gun store pulling that BS on a customer over 3 boxes of ammo, not in Oklahoma… They are more gun friendly than Texas…

    • Just curious — and thrown out there for consideration.

      I find it difficult to believe that OK is more friendly than Tejas. Plus: I wouldn’t be surprised to discover this is a coming trend. I’m wondering: is there a national gun retailers magazine or online site? I’m wondering what THEY are saying and writing about all of this?

      Anyone a member of a retailing association such as this?


  2. If someone pulled that crap on me, there would be strong words spoken to the point I would be asked to leave and never return. My response to that would be, “Finally, something we all agree on>”

  3. I too find this difficult to believe, given the location. OK is about the most conservative state in the nation, especially on the subject of firearms.

    On a side note, how about that awesome legislation that is being fast tracked in the cesspool known as New York? I’m sure it will save a lot of lives. /sarcasm

  4. It reminds me of what happen a week or two ago…..I went to one of my favorite guns shops to do some window shopping. The owner told me about a guy coming in that morning and bought every box of 9mm ammo he had in the shop!

    Anybody else seen that?

  5. Sorry, I’m not buying it. They ask for your name because they have you in their system as a customer. I am a long time customer there. The owner is a friend of my mother. My sister-in-law works there. The clerk may have been making a joke. They aren’t tools of the government.

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