9 thoughts on “How Second Amendment adherents are viewed by Leftists:

  1. Leftists ONLY want Socialism. Period.
    They love the Cuban, Venezuela, Russian way to run a country, and I wish they would ALL leave the USA and go live in a socialist country, and never come back.
    I realize our current Obama administration has been carefully crafted over the past 20+ years.
    Our Constitution is outdated to them, and they will never respect this document for as long as they live.
    They just spray spittle if you dare them to a debate on Freedom, vs Socialist,Liberalism.
    The USA is now at a crossroads of ideology.
    Our current president is a proven fraud, but his followers have planned this fraud for many years, and have placed their “agents” in all areas to thwart any exposure of Obama’s name, past life, and legitimacy to hold is present office.
    Obama has to have the USA populace dis-armed, so to be able to make this “CHANGE”, he has always spouted.
    Not sure what will happen next.
    But I do know that living in Texas, I have a better chance to survive what the current regime in the white House wants to do to this USA of mine.
    And as a NRA member for over 50 years, I believe what they say and do,,,over what our current President and his ilk want to do, and just maybe try to do it!!!!!!!!

  2. Yesterday, Sat Jan 19th, I drove over to Tyler, TX. to attend a “GUN SHOW”.
    The HUGE crowd waiting for the doors to open. The line was over a city block long. This line moved as quickly as possible, and this “line” was always this long,,,,ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!
    Lots of AR-15 styled rifles, magazines, ammo, etc were being bought, sold, traded, and talked about.
    Lots of the fed form 4473 filled out and submitted, with very, very quick approvals.
    Personal handguns were bought, sold,
    traded. etc. Everyone I saw in the huge continuing crowd, was happy to be there!!
    I sat with some old friends at “their” table and enjoyed the crowd and their comments and zeal.
    Made you feel good to be an AMERICAN.
    The line to get into the show never shrunk when I left at 2:30 pm.
    I did not return today, Sunday 20th Jan.,,,,as I was worn out.
    A Texas success for the small business climate, that EVERY true American
    should experience! Name ALL the countries you CAN’T do this!!!!!!

  3. BZ,,,I have not met you personally,, But over these years, I expect from one old LEO to another about to “sign the papers”,, that we have a lot in “common”.
    I consider you a true friend that I would be comfortable with sitting on the couch with you.
    I was back in California this last November, visiting relatives.
    None present in your area of patrol.
    One relative was BIG in the Modesto patrol, now retired like me.
    Texas Fred is an “internet soul mate” of mine.
    One of these days, we will hug each other for the first time.
    If you are ever in Gun Barrel City, Texas, I am easy to find.
    All the Sheriff’s and City patrol officers know me.
    As you approach the house, PLEASE READ THE SIGNS!!!!!!

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