Senator Feinstein’s bill to ban some rifles, handguns and magazines:

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The photo at left is the paradigm Diane Feinstein wants for women in the US.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and a group of Senate Democrats on Thursday introduced legislation to ban the sale and manufacture of more than 150 types of semi-automatic weapons with military-style features.

Feinstein’s bill will expand the criteria for classifying military-style assault weapons from a 1994 law, which lapsed a decade later. Her new measure will ban the sale of about 150 types of firearms, including some rifles and handguns, as well as the sale of high-capacity magazines, according to USA Today.

The bill will exempt firearms used for hunting and will grandfather in guns and magazines owned before the law’s potential enactment. However, the grandfathered weapons will be logged in a national registry.

Unlike the 1994 assault-weapons ban, there is no sunset provision in Feinstein’s newest gun-control bill.

What are the details?  To begin:

The bill would ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and import of all semi-automatic rifles and pistols that can accept detachable magazines and have at least one military feature.

It would also ban semi-automatic rifles and handguns that have fixed magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds and all semi-automatic shotguns that have folding or detachable stocks, pistol grips, forward grips, or fixed magazines with room for more than five rounds.

It includes a grandfather clause that would exempt assault weapons “lawfully possessed” on the date of enactment. Background checks would be required prior to the sale or transfer of weapons exempted under the clause.


WASHINGTON — California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein staged a dramatic press conference Thursday on Capitol Hill with 10 weapons at her side and unveiled legislation instituting a government ban on more than 150 types of firearms, including rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Flanked by other anti-gun liberal lawmakers, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, Feinstein announced the introduction of the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.”

Here is the closest to a concrete list of banned weapons I can, to this hour, determine (click on photo to enlarge), as well as this link from Senator Feinstein:

Feinstein Weapons Ban of 2013, Photo





12 thoughts on “Senator Feinstein’s bill to ban some rifles, handguns and magazines:

  1. The bitch can have this bill as long as the following is made to be part of it. Remember, this is to save lives.
    All motor vehicles will have a regulating device so no motor vehicle of any type can exceed 25 MPH.
    All drivers must pass a background check and on top of the same check for firearms, anyone who has had 3 or more moving violations in a lifetime will fail.
    A background check will be done on all purchases of gasoline and any purchase over 10 gallons will require the purchaser to fill out a lengthy federal form.
    This makes as much sense as Fuckstein’s bill.
    These assholes never give up!

    • Let me add this:

      – No salary to ANYone in DC when no budget is reached;
      – Every law passed applies equally to ALL in DC;
      – No exceptions;
      – Term limits to apply;
      – A max of 30% their highest wages upon retirement;
      – No further USSS protection;
      – Part time Congress;

      And that’s just an interesting start.


    • I agree.

      The NO LOAD and BALL-LESS Republicans will somehow find their way to an assuaging “compromise” bill.


      Let’s just give our foundational rights away in dribs and drabs. The US Constitutional Frog in the Boiling Pot.

      I repeat from history — and from a Democrat who would be considered a Flaming Asshole Conservative today:

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
      — John Fitzgerald Kennedy


  2. This national registry…the very idea is frightening. More and more control being exercised, more ways to keep track of the population. No, no and NO!

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
    Adolph Hitler
    Chancellor, Germany, 1933

    People wonder how the average German citizen back could have allowed someone like AH attain the power he did. He did it slowly and the masses were lulled and lured by words and promises of hope and change. Americans may one day have a personal understanding of just how that could happen.
    A national registry for anything is just another way for Big Brother to watch you.

  3. “Abigail on Friday, January 25, 2013 at 05:15 said:
    This national registry…the very idea is frightening. More and more control being exercised, more ways to keep track of the population. No, no and NO!”

    A national registry is already being implemented with health care and the pressure being put on doctors to ask patients if they possess weapons, many will put in that national “health care” registry.

    It’s worked in Hawaii. I have a friend that I served with in Vietnam that was awarded compensation of 50% because of PTSD. Hawaii won’t let him own a firearm.

    • The electronic health record being mandated by OCare, if I understand correctly, is to make your medical history accessible from whereever one is in the States. Sounds, on the surface, perhaps innocuous and a darn good idea. Until one really seriously thinks about it. Once you are in a database, kiss privacy and confidentiality a fond farewell. No one can tell me that my information will be secure from hackers, not to mention bureaucrats in government. And to involve healthcare providers in questioning if the patient has a gun? Why? Will gun ownership eventually be considered a type of disease which mandates reporting???
      I cannot imagine why there is no outcry from the medical profession. Not to mention the population in general.
      But I do know the answer: “Baa Baa Baa” bleat the flock as the great ram in D.C. lovingly guides his flock to the abattoir where their memories of liberty and independence will be excised and they will exit as happy docile followers of the way of hope and change.
      Inch by inch we as a nation are becoming more and more tied to the government machine under the guise of making things better for all. Throughout history this has been tried and it just doesn’t work. There will always be those who have and those who have less.
      And should Feinstein’s bill come to fruition, it will be another step on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City where the Constitution is quietly being dismantled.
      Getting off soapbox now!

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