Number Of Nation’s Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs


From Florida to California, a growing number of the nation’s sheriffs are standing up to gun control measures proposed by both the administration and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

Many law enforcement officials have written letters to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden voicing their concerns over what they believe is an effort to infringe upon the Second Amendment.

Wait one moment.

Why are various SHERIFFS across the nation objecting to proposed 2nd Amendment limitations — and not a host of individual POLICE departments?

I will state the obvious reason: because, in general, Sheriffs across the nation are ELECTED and not appointed.  Sheriff’s do not have to answer to a smaller and more immediate and political city council — as are Chiefs of Police.  Simply: it is a matter of Political Correctness and its influence or lack thereof.


In New Mexico, 30 of the state’s 33 county sheriffs have reminded state lawmakers that they are under oath to support the U.S. Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment. previously reported that 28 of the 29 sheriff’s in Utah sent a letter to President Obama stating that they will not enforce any new gun laws they believe to be unconstitutional.

A host of Oregon sheriffs have said that they will not comply with any new unconstitutional gun regulations:

  • Sheriff Craig Zanni wrote, “I have and will continue to uphold my Oath of Office including supporting the Second Amendment,” in a letter to Coos County citizens.
  • Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said he would refuse to enforce any new Federal gun law he believes is unconstitutional.
  • In a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, Grant County Sheriff, Glenn Palmer writes: “I will not tolerate nor will I permit any federal incursion within the exterior boundaries of Grant County, Oregon, where any type of gun control legislation aimed at disarming law -abiding citizens is the goal or objective.”
  • Sheriff Gil Gilbertson of Josephine County told Biden in a letter:  “Any rule, regulation, or executive order repugnant to the constitutional rights of the citizens of this County will be ignored by this office.”
  • Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County, Oregon says his department will not participate in any overreaching and unconstitutional federal firearms restrictions.

And apparently those are law enforcement officers who don’t answer to a Leftist council or board of supervisors.  Imagine that.  An entirely different political paradigm — as in: highly-clotted and congested areas — vs lesser congested areas.

High population centers beholden to the Fed and DC vs lesser population areas encompassing more agrarian areas depending more upon themselves and less upon the Fed.

Frankly: simple as that.

If you suck cock and wear knee-pads for federal cash, you will be beholden to DC.

If you couldn’t care less about federal grants and won’t prostrate yourself to DC, you are simply independent.

And “independent” is anathema to Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, Demorats and Liberals.

Even in Fornicalia, my state, some Sheriffs are taking a stand:

In California, Sheriff Adam Christianson of Stanislaus County wrote to the vice president: “I refuse to take firearms from law abiding citizens and will not turn law-abiding citizens into criminals by enforcing useless gun control legislation.”

letter sent to Sen. Dianne Feinstein from Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, California states: “Our founding fathers got it right and many politicians are getting it wrong.”

When you’re a whore for DC and/or their cash, you’ll only regret it in the end.

Because that’s how you’ll get it.





16 thoughts on “Number Of Nation’s Sheriffs Refusing To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws Snowballs

  1. Good day to you BZ!
    This serves to reinforce what I have believed for a long time. When America was a nation that was overwhelmingly rural, when people were more self reliant and were able to think and decide for themselves or rather, were allowed to do so, we had a great country. And I submit less crime. As the demographics have changed and the rural population has decreased so to has our independence and freedom. The freedom (and the sometimes hardships) of the country life vs. the (sometimes not so ) invisible bars of the city cage. Our country did not become great because those who came before sat in cities. They went out and challenged the unknown. They thought for themselves, they did for themselves, they relied on each other and no one told them they couldn’t because someone would be offended.
    I think these sheriffs are very brave and courageous to take this stand. They too are challenging the unknown. They are effectively drawing a line in the sand. I hope they will be overwhelmingly supported. I fear what ‘the one’s’ response will be.
    For some reasons visions of hitler in the bunker come to mind…

  2. Don’t worry. President BO (the amateur president) will issue an executive order requiring all locally elected law enforcement agencies to comply with his gun laws.

    That’s what despots do in the name of “the good of the people.”

  3. When Feinstein presented her gun ban plan she made sure there was a number of uniformed law enforcement officers behind her to give the American sheeple the impression that all of law enforcement was behind her. She used them in the same way Obama used children.

    • That is, unfortunately, precisely correct.

      Feinstein’s ire stems from this: the shooting of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk by former Supervisor Dan White, when she was the president of the SF board of supervisors, in 1978. Feinstein was the first to find the body of Harvey Milk.

      She will do anything she possibly can to rid the country of any form of firearm. She knows she can only start with the public at large. First.


      • She, of the big mouth, who gave up the best clue in the Zodiac case (type of shoe) pandering to the press. Scary that she sits on the Intelligence Committee. Think of the misery this country would have avoided if Dan White had committed just one more murder.

        • She also decreed, whilst mayor, that gays whilst rioting should be completely unimpeded. She told the SFPD to stand down while gays burned SFPD vehicles, torched other vehicles, crashed businesses and damaged the city.

          Further: In 1985, at a press conference, Feinstein revealed details about the hunt for serial killer Richard Ramírez, and in so doing angered detectives by giving away details of his crimes.


      • Very interesting and the info lets us understand how she got this way. It’s too bad she can’t take it for what it really was…a senseless murder. What if Harvey Milk had been hit by a car and she was the first to find his body. Would she now be trying to ban all cars?

  4. Sheriffs are moving against Obama, citizens are moving against Obama and when push finally comes to shove at least 75% of ALL military will stand against Obama and an equal number of LEOs nationwide as well…

  5. Damn! I learn things every day form checking out blogs like this. Not being in law enforcement I had no idea what sap gloves are so I Googled it and found out. I’ll take one step farther back when I see you guys wearing those! However, I doubt anyone who comments on this blog has any issues with me. It’s the ones standing behind Feinstein that I worry about.

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