The best ever PSA from a County Sheriff, regarding firearms

Here again, another Sheriff who dares to tell the truth and dares to fly in the face of the current Autarchy in DC.

Milwaukee County Sheriff (WI) David Clarke says: “You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.  We’re partners now.  Can I count on you?

This, of course, is making the heads of Leftists literally explode.




10 thoughts on “The best ever PSA from a County Sheriff, regarding firearms

    • Trust me, DC is already beginning to shuffle the papers involving ANY grants his county may be receiving and if they’re up-to-date on their reports and the proper application of the funds.

      Someone already got the phone call from the White House to go through his shit with a fine-tooth comb and separate all the kernels of corn.


        • It’s still the greatest and best country on the planet;

          But it is in jeopardy of being driven down — PURPOSELY, I submit — right into the ground.

          And MAKE NO MISTAKE, ladies and gentlemen. . .

          This war on the Second Amendment is — again — PURPOSEFUL.

          Because WITHOUT the Second Amendment, the FIRST Amendment cannot exist.

          And trust me: Leftists and Socialists ARE coming for your FIRST Amendment.

          Because when you are SILENCED, you can then be completely controlled.


          • The good sheriff is black. Won’t the ‘racist’ card work both ways?
            And I think the beginning of silencing began a long time ago with the advent of ‘political correctness’.

            • You know, I didn’t think one second about Sheriff Clarke being black. All I cared about was his message and his honesty.

              Guess I’m way out of touch with that kind of thinking, aren’t I?


  1. It is my hope there will be so many Sheriffs across the country take this stand, they won’t be able to single any of ‘em out for punishment.
    And they better be careful…
    Sheriffs are a mighty big fish in a small pond!

    • But they are coming around and, historically, the first to most always come around when it comes to the safety and freedom of this country, as they were the first line of law enforcement.

      They answer to citizens, not a ridiculous city council.


    • I’m thinking I’m seeing a TREND here, Fred:

      SHERIFFS tending to honor their oaths of office.

      I’ve not yet seen ONE Chief of Police come out against Obaka and the federal government.

      Any thoughts as to WHY? And perhaps do those thoughts tend towards knee pads and KY jelly?


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