Obama and Leftists lie: there was NO “assault rifle” used in the Sandy Hook shooting

Purposely minimized and glossed over by the AMM and the Obama Administration — you will find the truth as evidenced below — the Sandy Hook school shooter did NOT utilize an “assault weapon” as is so rampantly portrayed by Leftists, Demorats, Leftist pundits and Leftist sites.

A compilation for your consideration:

The local media covered it.  The AMM buried it.  And Obama ran with it.

This is nothing more than a full-court press to eliminate your Second Amendment wholesale.


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10 thoughts on “Obama and Leftists lie: there was NO “assault rifle” used in the Sandy Hook shooting

  1. One thing I don’t want these jerks to do is go after our handguns..no way, no how! So is it 2 or 4 handguns? Would 4 indicate he had someone else with him? I remember they were looking for a second person in the woods when the story broke. Was this a set up? I mistrust this president so much that I wouldn’t put it past him. Remember he voted 4 times not to save those babies that survived abortions and he lies about absolutely everything. Now he & Biden are making the big push for gun control and doing so in campaign mode. Seems to me all this was pre-planned.

    “Life sucks and then you die” is what it’s like under Obama!

    • You have to understand the MEME.

      FIRST: it is “assault weapons.”

      Then it is “high capacity handguns.”

      Then it is the confusion between rifles and carbines.

      Then it will be carbines.

      Then it will be semi-automatic handguns.

      Then it will be shotguns.

      Then it will be hunting rifles.

      Then it will be revolvers.

      After that? NOTHING LEFT.


  2. Well, most of this is from premature reporting from un-named sources. Some reports say 120 rounds were expended but then say Lanza had three 30 round magazines. Other reports have said he had multiple magazines that were switched with rounds still in them. Until the entire report is released as an official document, nobody knows what really happened…except for those that would exploit the little that is known, just ask them.

  3. I totally agree that Sandy Hook is being used as a power-grab against the Second Amendment, but the firearm found in Lanza’s trunk was a shotgun. As usual, this was sloppy reporting by a media that doesn’t even know the difference between a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver. They also reported that Lanza’s mother was a teacher at the school, which was absolutely false. On the face of it, a lot of things seem funny about the Sandy Hook shooting, but I believe it pretty much boils down to sloppy reporting (rushing to get the scoop) and secretive law enforcement officials. I also agree that the autopsy reports need to be released, as well as the video surveillance of Lanza entering the school.

  4. As much *wrong* that has so far been posted regarding Sandy Hook is one reason why I have not posted too much about Sandy Hook… Facts need to be laid out for ALL to see, speculation has run rampant and speculation sells tabloids at the check out counter…

  5. You are so right, Fred. Unfortunately the “facts” will all be manufactured to fit obummer’s plan, with nary a truth among them.

  6. My point, obviously is this:

    The video contains captures from the so-called MSM — this isn’t information that was dreamed up from some conspiracy blog or hand crafted in PhotoShop wholesale.


  7. Isure wish that I knew exactly what weapon was used in the classrooms.
    An AR-15,,,or a hand gun, or some of each????

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