“Immigration Reform” — It’s a done deal.

Obama PesoMonday’s hub-bub is all about Mr Obama’s proposed “immigration reform.”

This is about the only post you’ll see from me dealing with the issue unless something completely untoward occurs.

This bill or its clone will pass.  Period.  Get used to it.  There are no forces against it like the forces opposed to disarming the American public.

It’s that simple.




6 thoughts on ““Immigration Reform” — It’s a done deal.

  1. What I expected from this illegal..poser.
    I live in an area where several NEW house foundations are being constructed where the lot is sloped downward toward a lake.
    AKA lake front property, where small lots are 100,000 to 200,000 thousand dollars for an un-improved lake front. 60″wide x 125″ long.
    Room for a big boathouse and GREAT views.
    Guess,,,,, just who does all the concrete slopeing walls, etc, making it ready for plumbers and slab contractors.
    ALL MEXICAN crew and contractors!!!!!! And they work incredibly hard and long, long hours!
    There are a few negro contractors in the area that also get this type of contract.
    No East Texas whites! I do not believe they could,,,,, or would work from dawn to dusk , this hard.
    There is a dominant question and ANSWER HERE!!
    And you know what it is.
    Glad I am an OLD sum Bitch, and not in competition with the “youts”.

  2. I have seen more Mexicans working on yards than construction, but then again, I live in Arkansas.

    Many “Whites” work those long grueling hours with little or no sleep. Here in my town and one of them is one of my best friends. He’s ALWAYS working.

    I love the line below that Obama is crazy! Not crazy, calculating and manipulative.

    • But ask: what do raw stats prove?

      I submit: that illegals are a drain on ENTITLEMENTS.

      YES, they work. But they work at a COST!


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