6 thoughts on “How the American Media Maggots view “guns”

  1. I am really confused now about this.
    I saw the very early TV reporter Matt Lauer say they found an AR-15 in the trunk of the perps car in the parking lot.
    But that was not true. It was actually a semi-auto shotgun.
    I have not heard anyone say that .223 expended brass was found anywhere!!
    I also have not seen, read about, any coroner’s report, seen any photos of the carnage, or read anyone’s official report from any surviving teacher or school employee that was only wounded, but who saw in person exactly what the shooter was carrying or using.
    Till I do, I will withhold my comment.

    • If you’re writing about the Newtown shooting, then I stand by this post.

      I may be ancient, but I still have contacts in the LE community, not only on the Left Coast. Which makes me write: I’ll still stand by this post. Simple as that.


  2. It doesn’t much matter at this point because of who controls the narrative and the low information folks, without the desire to look any further, will buy into that narrative.

    • Unfortunately, Scotty, you’re quite correct.

      And too many — TOO many — Americans are uninterested and, in passing, purposely MISinformed by the AMM.


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