Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers 31, vs Ravens 34, FINAL


And, I must admit, I am ambivalent about the outcome of Super Bowl 47.  Neither are my favorite team, nor do I hate them.

I’d just like to enjoy a close and exciting game.  Watch it live, here.

At the half, it’s the Ravens with 28 and the 49ers with 6.

Now the many of the lights have gone out in the stadium, cutting off the scoreboard and the CBS commentators, Phil Simms and Jim Nance.

Lights back on and play continues.

Frankly, the Ravens are out-playing the 49ers.

Until now: 34 Ravens, 29 49ers.

Then: 34 Ravens, 31 49ers.  Final.

The Ravens simply outplayed the 49ers.

And, they had an “inside man” pull the plug on the electricity following halftime.

You have a favorite?




9 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers 31, vs Ravens 34, FINAL

  1. The 49’rs acheived their goal; make it to the Superbowl. The Ravens acheived their goal; win the superbowl.

    In either case, neither team wore Silver & Black, so I truly don’t give a crap… though I did win 1st and 2nd qtr scoring pools.

  2. I did not have a favotite.
    Both representing cities are shit holes!
    Ugly, nasty, corrupt, and full of homos.

    YES,,,,Romo must be cut loose from the Cowboys.
    Also the current coach, Jason Garrett,,, should be fired.
    Hire somebody that will breathe FIRE down on the players.
    The current players MUST be motivated to play their hearts out, and that means a coach that can and WILL do this!!

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