5 thoughts on “So God made a farmer

  1. Indeed. …and this means a lot coming from a Ford guy.
    I’ll bet Ram sales go up 200% over the next 60 days.
    Is it pandering? No. Truth is simply truth and Dodge will be rewarded for telling it.
    Oh, yeah, God was mentioned nine times; and there was a church.
    I’d like to think… that inside each “Ram Box” (the concealed exterior storage bins between the bed and the fender) is a fine Weatherby. Paul Harvey would approve.

    A link to a simple article Paul Harvey wrote some 46 years and a few months ago, while I was filling my diapers.

  2. I miss his voice. I miss his manner of speaking. He always had a straight shot, told you what was what, and never stretched the truth to make a point. God blessed us with Paul Harvey, and Paul Harvey blessed us with his speeches and sermons.

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