Obama visits the Minneapolis Police on Monday to further gin up Gun Control

Obama Police 2Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Chief Janee Harteau takes the President’s podium in support of his gun control laws.  You ignorant pliable hack, Chief Harteau.

The Minneapolis Police Department, its PC Chief and those agencies and officers who stood behind the dais in support of Mr Obama should be ashamed of themselves as members of law enforcement.  I can only hope you were told: “you will be there or you will face discipline.”  Each and every one of you.  Female.  Male.  Khaki.  White.  Powder blue.  Dark blue.

Even then, In my opinion, however — you should have demurred.

Obama Police 5The WhiteHouse.gov website said:

Preventing Violence: President Obama Asks Americans to Stand Up and Say “This Time It’s Different”

President Obama was in Minnesota today, where he met with men and women who are on the front line of the fight to prevent more tragedies like the ones in Newtown and Aurora: local police officers, community leaders, and people who themselves had been victims or whose families had been victims of gun violence.

“Illegal guns are causing violence; background checks will stop everything.”

This is absolutely incoherent.  None of it has direct “cause and affect” related to the recent “gun violence.”  It’s about scoring political points with the Left using tragedy to advance their agendas.

You either support the 2nd Amendment — the United States Constitution and its concomitant Bill of Rights — as a Law Enforcement Officer — or you don’t.

There is NO “in-between.”

This is an important distinction which, in my opinion, is clear and indisputable:

You either support your United States, or you don’t.

Obama Police 1To those who either were ordered or who shuffled off the Photo Op because you are the LEO sheep you are: you disgust me.  You’re simply monkeys with guns, willing to sell your soul for a photo op.

You should be ashamed in a way I couldn’t possibly conjure.




11 thoughts on “Obama visits the Minneapolis Police on Monday to further gin up Gun Control

  1. This is why I come to your blog. It’s sure nice to have someone in law enforcement who has the balls to say this…thank you!

    Obama is doing what he does best, campaign. Now it’s gun control. When he attacked Romney it was one thing but now he is DIRECTLY attacking us.

    • No self-respecting law enforcement officer, who takes his or her oath of office seriously, would do anything whatsoever to minimize or APPEAR to minimize the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights.



      • Fully agreed, but you know, Obama spoke to a lot of troops that gave him a *golf clap* or showed no emotion at all… If those Officers were there because they WANTED to be, then yes indeed, a monkey and a gun..

        Wait, a reference to a monkey … that makes us RACISTS doesn’t it?? :twisted:

  2. I have a feeling that those police officers were probably threatened somehow, maybe a week without pay, or some kind of penalty for not showing up to take a picture with the tyrant in office.

    I put nothing passed Obama. He is conniving and diabolical.

    • I also believe, Leticia, that some of them are aligned with Obama — because, these days, GRANTS come from DC. MONEY MONEY MONEY. Most departments are WHORES for DC cash these days.


    • The Illegal Equation writ large:

      – If Illegal Invaders don’t have to obey our sovereign entry laws, why should anyone else abide by any OTHER law — ?

      We’ll all just “pick and choose” what’s most convenient at the time, situationally.


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