CBO: ObamaKare to remove SEVEN MILLION Americans from their job-based health insurance

Obama Care LineThis is, of course, according to my Leftist Trolls and hackers, a completely inaccurate portrayal of ObakaKare except that — ahem — it’s not; here is the CBO report.

Even NBCNews reports:

The new health care reform law is not going to provide health insurance for as many people, at least not as quickly, as the Obama administration had hoped, according to the latest look at the economy from the Congressional Budget Office.

That’s mostly because of the deal Congress made last month to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff, the CBO says. About 8 million people who would have been insured by their employers will probably lose their coverage because of tax changes, the CBO projects.

It takes away some of the tax breaks that employers get for providing health insurance to workers and their families. The change “will lead to a greater reduction in such coverage and higher enrollment in insurance exchanges than previously estimated by CBO,” the report reads.

Please let me appropriately remind everyone of the words issued from the lips of Barack Hussein Obama in 2009:

It was a lie then and it’s a lie now.  Not simply a “falsehood” or a “misunderstanding” or a “fabrication” — make no mistake — it was a purposeful LIE.  For those of you who may have just tuned in: A LIE.

If you wish to see what a good bulk of major urban blacks think about Mr Obama and his ObamaKare, then click here.  I would have embedded the video but YouTube has DISABLED embedding.  Why?  Because the video makes blacks and the woman featured appear as idiots.  I say: YouTube need not worry; the public display of parasitism by deep urban blacks speaks for itself.  You need not look further than the city of Chicago, home of Mr Obama.  Murder Capital, per capita, of the United States.  By blacks.  On blacks.  Despite some of the most onerous gun laws in the entire nation.  Oh my God.  Did I just write the truth?  I should be horse-whipped.

That said, NBC reluctantly reports:

But overall, instead of 32 million to 34 million new people getting health insurance by 2017, probably only about 27 million people will be covered by then, the CBO projects.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente reports:

Feb 06, 2013

About 7 million people, nearly double the earlier estimates, will no longer get health insurance from their employers because of changes to the tax code made by the health law, according to CBO projections.

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire: Why CBO Figures More Employers Will Drop Health Coverage
The Congressional Budget Office says the year-end fiscal cliff deal that preserved lower tax rates for most households produced a little-noticed side-effect: Fewer people will get health insurance from their employer over the next decade. That nugget of economic thinking pops up in the nonpartisan office’s annual update of its budget and economic forecast (Radnofsky, 2/5).

The Fiscal Times: 7 Million Will Lose Employee Coverage Under Obamacare
A new report from the Congressional Budget Office estimates that nearly 7 million people will lose their employer-based health insurance coverage under President Obama’s signature health care law, nearly twice the previous estimate. Changes to the tax code under Obamacare, said the CBO, have altered the incentives for the business sector, which will likely prefer to pay the penalty rather than the cost of workers’ health insurance. Overall, 27 million people are expected to gain coverage by 2017, roughly 5 million less than originally projected (Ehley, 2/5).

The Hill also writes about the true cost of ObakaKare:

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated Tuesday that President Obama’s signature healthcare law will cost about $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years.

The figure represents a slight increase since August, when the nonpartisan budget office estimated that the law would cost about $1.17 trillion before 2022.

Right.  That’s only a “slight increase” of $130 BILLION DOLLARSAs of this calculation.  Today.  What do you suspect next month might bring, pray tell?

But fear not, ladies and gentlemen, because if you happen to lose your employer-based health coverage, you can pick up the lowest level government family plan for around $20 THOUSAND DOLLARS a YEAR, according to the IRS.  See the issued IRS regulation here.

A grand bargain at twice the price, yes?

So at a time when you’re worried about the cost of your healthcare — if you work — you’re about to be confronted with this paradigm: when you are removed from your employer’s healthcare roll.  And then, according to the IRS, your family begins paying $1,666 a month for the most basic of care.

That Mr Obama, what a great president!


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10 thoughts on “CBO: ObamaKare to remove SEVEN MILLION Americans from their job-based health insurance

  1. Tweeted.

    Of course, if your employer only paid you 24K/year, then you get to figure out how to scrimp by on – oh, wait, at the new tax rate, you don’t get to take any money home, you pay more than you make for something you are ORDERED to own, and the administration doesn’t care.

    Hmmm – I think this is a Liberal’s program.

    • You can rest assured that the government will pay the doctors in their own sweet time, and require reams and reams of paperwork.

      You want bureaucracy and ACTUAL death panels?

      With ObakaKare, you GOT it.


  2. I personally know of people who have lost their employer-based health insurance because of the onerous requirements of ObamaCare. These people cannot find health insurance! Seriously. Pre-existing conditions and all that. Medicaid cannot bear up against the load that is about to drop!

  3. PS: I rarely use my health insurance. Last year, for example, I had two doctors’ visits, a mammo, and a GYN exam. That’s it.

    I have no pharmacy coverage. Too expensive to pay all that money each month for the few generic meds that I take.

    Never mind that I take care of myself and have no pre-existing conditions. My premium just went up 30%!

    Thanks, Obama. Pfffft.

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