Small-molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide

Finally, some good news these days?


Studies in mice show therapy is effective even in hard-to-treat brain tumours.

Cancer researchers have pinned down a molecule that can kick-start the body’s own tumour-destroying systems, triggering cell death in cancerous but not healthy tissue in mice.

The molecule, TIC10, activates the gene for a protein called TRAIL (tumour-necrosis-factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand), which has long been a target for cancer researchers looking for drugs that would avoid the debilitating effects of conventional therapies.

Can you imagine the ramifications if this becomes applicable to humans?




11 thoughts on “Small-molecule drug drives cancer cells to suicide

  1. I want my tax dollars to be spent researching possible cures like you posted rather than on all the programs that make us dependent on the government.

  2. Brain cancer, particularly glioblastoma, has traditionally been resistant to most treatments. May the information in this post be an indication that neurologists will have a new weapon in the battle against cancer — especially brain cancer!

    • I had one friend pass away from a brain tumor in the 70s — and one of my Lieutenants in the late 90s. She passed away in only a few months following diagnosis.


    • I have to say, I fear you are correct.

      That one discovery, if successfully applied to humans, could change healthcare forever.


  3. A former Viet Nam crew chief has an inoperable brain tumor, so this is a race. Bill has to stay alive long enough for this to be able to help him.
    And so many others.

  4. My wife has had 2 breast cancer surgeries,,,and now is cancer free.
    I just had basal Cell Carcinoma surgery on my right side of my nose, and am hoping they got it all.
    No fun here, not scared, but hope it is all cut out,,,,,

  5. This is truly fantastic news. How I wish it would have been around before my dear friend, Frances passed away.

    But I have two other friends battling lung cancer. I pray that the Obama administration will keep their vile mitts off of this. And lest we forget the children at ST. Jude’s and every where.

    This gives hope. And right now we need it.

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