Christopher Dorner trapped: “Hundreds of rounds fired during gun battle”

I was working on the motorcycle earlier today, running it up, charging the battery, lubing the chain, and just recently went down to my small grocery store.  I saw the owner had the TV on and it appeared that law enforcement had Dorner trapped in a cabin somewhere near Big Bear.

My grocer said most succinctly: “I think they’re going to make Swiss cheese out of him.”

I suspect my grocer nailed it.

From the

“Hundreds of rounds” were exchanged in about half an hour during the gun battle between fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner and law enforcement officers Tuesday afternoon, sources said.

At least two San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies were wounded, sources said. Their conditions were not immediately known.

Days ago, Dorner broke into a cabin off Route 38, a source said. He allegedly tied up the couple inside and held them hostage until Tuesday morning when he left. It is unclear whether Dorner stole their vehicle or another, but Fish and Wildlife officers knew to be on the lookout for a white pickup truck when they spotted Dorner driving one and attempted to stop him, the source said.

Dorner crashed the truck during the ensuing chase and allegedly exchanged gunfire with the officers as he fled into another cabin, where he was quickly surrounded by San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies. The source said one deputy was hit as Dorner fired out of the cabin and a second was injured when Dorner exited the back of the cabin, deployed a smoke bomb and opened fire again in an apparent attempt to flee. Dorner was driven back inside the cabin, the source said.

There was initial confusion as to where a helicopter should land to evacuate the injured officers,  so deputies used their own smoke bombs to provide enough cover to carry the wounded to a pickup truck that took them to the waiting helicopter.

At this point, the media helicopters — which initially circled directly over the scene and fed live video to LA stations — have been pushed five miles back and have a 13,000-foot floor, created by an FAA TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction), requested by law enforcement.  Dorner would have had to do nothing more than watch satellite TV in order to discern the approach, setup and tactics of responding San Bernardino County Sheriff officers and other responders in Seven Oaks.  There is one way in and out: Route 38.

Information now indicates that, of the two officers who were assaulted today by Dorner, one of them has died at the Loma Linda Trauma Center.

Dorner has now killed four persons: two civilians and two “fellow” officers.  He has wounded three persons.  None of the officers or the civilians were directly involved in the events from which Dorner took umbrage.

So the gloves have to come off.

My grocer is absolutely correct.  Responding officers should make complete and total Swiss cheese out of Dorner.  He has been proven to be a narcissist with what I believe to be NPD (as I believe Mr Obama possesses, simply without the guns or the training) and he is the most craven of cowards.  He has been proven to be an opportunist, a coward, a genetically and mentally defective mutant.  He sought the unprepared and easy targets who had nothing to do with his original so-called “grievances.”

Let me again be blunt: so some people called him a nigger.  I don’t mind writing the word because it’s simply a word.  And from that Dorner responded with violence.  Even in law enforcement.  He thought he was aggrieved and treated unfairly.  Well boo-fucking-hoo.  Life is predominantly unfair, sir.  I was told by a senior female Captain, to my face, that I would not be promoted because I was male and Caucasoid.  I somehow managed not to go on a violent rampage.  Later, I was the senior supervisor in my prior assignment and the first to be sacrificed from my assignment, because I had and have a history of stating various truths that administrators don’t wish to read or hear.

[INSERT: THE CABIN IS NOW ENGULFED IN FLAMES — either Dorner will come out or he will succumb to the flames.]

I can only hope that Dorner burns and twists in the flames of his own creation.  Quite sad that there wasn’t someone from LAPD afforded the opportunity to place a nice .223 or .308 round into his wheelhouse.

One shot was initially heard.  Perhaps that of Dorner killing himself?  Fire personnel are being kept from the burning cabin, because there are rounds exploding from within, likely a store of ammunition.  Excellent.  Those rounds “cooking off” are still continuing.  I suspect tear gas grenades were introduced.  These devices have a high flow emissions rate, but are generally incendiary in nature.

If there is a basement to this cabin, things may not yet be over.  Or, yes, perhaps they are.  Only time may tell.




6 thoughts on “Christopher Dorner trapped: “Hundreds of rounds fired during gun battle”

  1. It’s interesting to read you are one to speak your mind even though it has kept you from promotions. I suspected that and good for you! You are a rare one and on top of that you are a white male.

    Blacks call each other nigger but we can’t. At a break in an NBA championship game a few years ago the camera and mike caught two players touch hands and one distinctly said “That’s my nigger”.

    • That’s no revelation. The background doesn’t change for me. What’s good for one individual is good for another. I couldn’t care less about PC aspects.

      I only care about the truth. And the truth is that Chris Dorner was a narcissist, perhaps once a “nice guy,” but in truth a revolting fucking MURDERER of INNOCENT civilians and cops.

      I can only hope he is well and truly burned and dead.


  2. Well said and presented.
    I watched it all, as I am familiar with that same area.
    I will wait now for the “coroner’s” report.
    Having watched the whole event, I know what the report will say.

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