A moment to breathe

Cat EmbarrassedI’ve written and re-written this post five times now.

There’s so much going on these days and this week.

First to my mind: the wretched and twisted immolation (with much hope) of Christopher Dorner, nothing more than a narcissist who happens to have been black.  Get in line, Dorner, as you queue up in Hell.  The lines are lengthy and the heat unbearable.  Get used to it, sir, because you placed yourself there, and no one else.  My guess is that you were a mentally deficient genetic mutant from your early years and accepted into LAPD and the Navy because you were used.  Yes, you were used.  But not in the way you imagined.  So I suppose that one of your alleged “grievances” was accurate in terms of your being nothing more than a Convenient Tool.  But used by those who wanted you for nothing more than a statistic.  You were a black male that made the LAPD quotas and Navy quotas appear congruent.  They knew about your violent background but they purposely overlooked your history because you yielded another stat.  So yes, Dorner: you were used.  By GOWPs.  By the Leftists and Demorats and PC invertebrates you so embraced.

You were a Convenient Tool; now you are a crispy and smouldering Tool.  InfoWars is making you into a fallen martyr.  Let me be plain: fuck them.  Is that sufficiently clear for all of my readers?  Dorner was a narcissistic murderer who fooled many who were stupid and ignorant: GOWPs.  Guilty, Overeducated White People.  He was a deceitful mutant from his time of birth.  His mother, specifically, was so terribly concerned about his plight that she was drinking wine and eating chips during the standoff.  As covered by CBS.

Mr Obama made his SOTU speech on Tuesday.  Rentoon rentoon rentoon.  Blah blah blah.  Mr Obama’s bullshit is no more cohesive, logical, remarkable, stunning, innovative or insightful than it was in 2007 and 2008.

He is nothing more than any other Leftist Hack: tax and spend.  Tax and spend.  TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS in debt: we need to spend some more.  His SOTU speech was the least-watched since 2000.

Obama’s fecal material hasn’t worked yet; it won’t work now.  It is old and hackneyed and predictable and doddering.

Obama’s only advantage?  The only difference between he and other Leftist Hacks?  Correct!  His melanin count.  Effective with?  Yes!  GOWPs.

John Kerry is still an apologist and, literally, ineffective.

But perhaps of greater significance today:

Hillary WILL run in 2016, claims wealthy Greek donor (who says Bill told him)

A wealthy Democratic donor is fanning the flames of speculation that Hillary Clinton is indeed running for president.

Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos says Bill Clinton has confirmed the presumed plan that the former Secretary of State will make a bid for the White House again.

The millionaire told the Greek Reporter that Clinton’s husband revealed his wife’s political ambition, as the power couple gear up for a 2016 race.

This information sources from the area of my work.  And the Greeks control much of Sacramento via their money, to include former Sheriffs.  I could name at least three.  So when people accredit some future performances to the influence of Greek cash, I pay attention.

Further, I continue to ramble on:

Is there anyone besides me who finds the voice of Mr Obama to be similar to that of cracked nails on a chalkboard or — worse yet — having to listen to Fran Drescher?

I am SO incredibly tired of hearing his lying voice covered every day, every week, every month.  When his mouth opens one can count on lies issuing forth.

Just like a Muslim from Afghanistan hosted by the State of Fornicalia, defecating in the shower instead of the toilets.  On a visa.  Not like that happened or anything.

With a moment to breathe, I write this:

Did anyone over 50 — like me (ahem) — EVER think that their country could be so incredibly elitist or ignorant or insufferable or stupid or so easily duped or so simple or so needy or so dependent or so willing to subvert, controvert and ignore our foundational documents such as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

I quite simply could not have predicted this 20 years ago.  I saw it coming, but I was likewise ignorant.

And with this as something of a logical Bottom Line:

With all of the things that Leftists “want” —

HOW is it that they plan to PAY for all of these so-called “wants” — ?

No one ever seems to address this, except the most meager of Republicans and the bulk of Independents and True Conservatives.

You may WANT;

But how do you plan to PAY?

With the Demorats, they don’t have a plan to do so.  They don’t seem to treat money as actual cash — as a thing that requires some form of sacrifice or cost —  physically or psychically or psychologically or monetarily.  It just IS because it can simply be DECLARED to be so.

Yes, I’m wandering.  Yes, I’m venting.  Yes, I’m platforming.  Go with me.  I think you’re there, you’re already with me.  .  .

Because it all adds up to: INSANITY.

And further, it adds up to not just insanity but insanity seeking money and power and control over those who could possibly OBJECT to the centralization of powers in DC.

Your thoughts?




8 thoughts on “A moment to breathe

  1. OK, my .02 worth…

    You really don’t like Obama or Dorner, hence; YOU are a vile racist…

    You don’t like John Kerry, hence; YOU are a vile racist that hates damned Yankees…

    You are a Conservative and you make far too much sense for the Libtards to EVER understand what you’re saying or are truly about, hence, YOU are a vile racist…

    The only thing I can say is this; those are the human qualities that drew me in to reading your blog and to being a great fan and, I hope, a real friend…

    Ya racist bassturd… :twisted:

  2. On Hillary: The media is going to ignore her criminal incompetence in regards to Benghazi just as they have done for Obama on all fronts. She absolutely does not deserve to be president and America had better wake up fast.

    On Obama: LIAR, COMMUNIST, HATER of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, DIVIDER. We all know enough about him that at this point we are wasting words.

    On Dorner: Good riddance.

    ON GOWPs: Lose the guilt and turn conservative.

    On BZ: Keep these blogs coming, please.

  3. You asked: Did anyone over 50 — like me (ahem) — EVER think that their country could be so incredibly elitist or ignorant or insufferable or stupid or so easily duped or so simple or so needy or so dependent or so willing to subvert, controvert and ignore our foundational documents such as the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
    My answer: Nope. Not for a New York Minute did I ever think this would be the case.

    BUT – it’s not going to be a complete change while I still breathe.

  4. Can’t disagree with ANYTHING you’ve said… dammit… Although I did notice that there has been NO repeat of the LA SWAT radio about burning him (e.g. the teargas starting a fire)…

  5. Can only echo all the comments.

    What is most bothersome are the vast number of people who don’t have a clue; and want to remain ignorant. “I don’t like politics”, is their mantra.

    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics
    doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”
    (495-429 BC) “The Olympian”

    • WSFOOL…You are right on. I see this with so many people I know. Americans CHOOSE either not to know or not to care. I pass on links to blogs such as this one and I get replies from some to stop sending them. Many just don’t even want to take the time to read them. So where has this led already? To having Obama get re-elected even though he proved to be our WORST president ever in his first term…..very disturbing.

  6. Absolutely Dorner was hired because he was black. There are many departments throughout this USA taht does it to Balance their books.
    I even had to put up with it!!! Did not like it and assigned many shit jobs until the officer transferred out.
    The LAPD swat officers that pulled the pins on the “tear gas cannisters really “fucked” up calling them the “BURNERS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A tear gas cannister is larger than a very large frozen orange can.
    And it is not lightweight.
    Because this cannister has to burn extremely hot to generate “tear gas”, anything flammable will be ignited.
    Most initial law enforcement responders to this assignment also carry small plastic cans of gasoline that is poured around and into quarters where a perpetrator is holed up.
    This is a training procedure. Just like felony car-stops.
    I saw the officers with the gas cans carrying and pouring,,,,before the tear gas was thrown into and around the cabin that Dorner had barricaded himself into,,,and was firing back at the surrounding police officers.
    This is SOP and taught at the Academy. Not some “rogue officer”.
    Only the communist leftists will keep screaming police brutality.
    Dorner is gone. May he burn in hell for the dastardly deeds he did.

    Now,,,Obutthole, Obaka, or Barry Soetero, his really official name, since he never officially changed his name the way the US GOVT. requires.
    I hope the Supreme Court will rule that Barry Soetero’s birth Cert is fake.
    The COURT is now looking into this,,,,finally.
    I know that Barry is a liar, fake, charlatan, poser, and a Marxist trained from the best communists in the USA.
    I know unlimited $$$$ has been spent to obfuscate, delay, stall, cover-up his past and even present activities.
    I look and listen to him as an enemy in this position as president.
    He will insight black revolts, riots wherever he can clandestinely.
    This is exactly from the “playbook” of Karl Marx, and all of his Marxist friends like Valerie Jarrett.
    Our only defense is to examine everything HE touches, does, 24/7/365.
    And vote against, delay, do whatever legally can be done, to obfuscate any and all of his actions.
    Lock and load, be aware of all things political these Democrat demons are doing.
    Obama will be on the offense these coming 4 years.
    We must parry anything he attempts to do.
    IT IS HIS DESIRE and DEMAND, TO DESTROY THE USA, as we know it!!!

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