Dale Earnhardt died, this day, 12 years ago

Dale-EarnhardtThe Intimidator, #3, died in his black Chevrolet on this day in 2001, at age 49.

Few people believed he could have died due to that seemingly-small collision.  However, he perished from a basilar skull fracture in Turn 4 of the final lap of the Daytona 500.

The longest-lasting result of Earnhardt’s death was the mandatory inclusion of the HANS device in all NASCAR vehicles.

The Intimidator is dead; long live The Intimidator.


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4 thoughts on “Dale Earnhardt died, this day, 12 years ago

    • I wasn’t much a follower of NASCAR; I’m still not — it was too simplistic, too “push pedal, turn left” for me.

      That said, the dude ruled his world.

      Until he didn’t.

      I was as shocked as the next person; I’d seen people walk away from MUCH worse collisions than his video captured.


  1. So correct BZ.
    I also watched it happen and never thought this wreck would kill anybody.
    But it did.
    It will be a long, long, time for any other driver has this following.
    I am hoping that Jimmy Johnson will win his “6th” this year.

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