British antisemitism is alive and well

Particularly from George Galloway, a member of Britain’s parliament and as Left as you can get in the UK.

See below, as Mr Galloway walks away from a student debate at Oxford University, when he discovers a student is Israeli and states “I don’t debate with Israelis.”

Thank you, kind sir, for proving the British are in fine form with regard to being an entire race of GOWPs and for ensuring their antisemitism and their cultural and historical demise.  Can you imagine the reverse happening with someone to the Right of any aisle?

Galloway, you’re nothing but a turd in the British punchbowl.




6 thoughts on “British antisemitism is alive and well

  1. Blimey!!! This is NOT what we wanted when we saved Britain’s ass in WW2.
    But England today is really fu**ed up now, with all the arabs, blacks, etc.

    • Because, after all, I’m sure all those in the Middle East would enjoy extending their love and kisses to any westernized nation such as the UK. Galloway: you’re a punk.


  2. His “bitch” walked out with him. From all indications Barack Obama feels the same as Galloway on this but can’t afford to be so honest about it, as if he’s honest about anything.

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