Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense, 58 to 41

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Senate approves Hagel for Defense secretary after historic nomination fight

After Republicans blocked the nomination earlier this month, they ultimately allowed for an up-or-down vote on Tuesday. The margin was historically close, with 58 senators supporting him and 41 opposing in the end.

The Left and Demorats are celebrating today, patting the backs of the four Republicans who joined them in confirming Hagel: Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Richard Shelby of Alabama and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Of course, the Republicans signed off on the cloture vote.  So, once again, they cave.  Plus, we have those four RINOs who actually voted for Hagel.  Hagel didn’t deserve an “up or down” vote because he didn’t even deserve the nomination.  Hagel, in fact, isn’t much interested in doing anything for the military; one could make the argument that Chuck Hagel eminently dislikes the military.  Lovely.  An antisemite as our Secretary of Defense.

“The political reality is that the Jewish Lobby intimidates a lot of people around here.”
— Chuck Hagel, 2006

The US acts like a “schoolyard bully.”
— Chuck Hagel, 2007

Our new Secretary of Defense: Chuck Hagel.  Thank God Louis Farrakhan supported the nomination of Chuck Hagel.




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    • Because, after all, Obama is ALWAYS CAMPAIGNING and can’t be seen to be actually addressing issues, but is pushing issues aside as though he isn’t involved at ALL.


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