Baltimore murder rate skyrockets

Baltimore Murder Rates SkyrocketStatistically, it should be no shock that murder rates and the clearance of murders in the City of Baltimore are mutually exclusive.  (Baltimore homicide map is here, for reference, as well as a Baltimore murder list and map here).  From the

A total of 191 people have been killed in Baltimore in 2015. Forty-five people were killed in July alone, matching the all-time monthly high from 1972, when the city had 275,000 more residents. Forty-two people were killed in May, the month after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody sparked riots.

The violence this year is in some ways unprecedented: No previous year has had two months with more than 40 killings, and the 116 killed from May to July is a three-month high in data kept since 1970.

As a result, the feds have decided they are going to embed themselves with Baltimore PD detectives.  These are the same actual detectives portrayed in the non-fiction David Simon book “Homicide, A Year on the Killing Streets,” as well as the fictional NBC TV series of a similar name, and the fictional HBO series “The Wire.”  Except: those who know say the TV series and particularly the HBO series were remarkably realistic in many aspects.

Because of the increased murder rate and the concomitant clearance rate (Baltimore has a homicide clearance rate of 36% which, frankly, is beyond abysmal) the feds are hoped to be the deus ex machina.  Yet, a Baltimore axiom will continue to be:

Everyone lies. Murderers lie because they have to; witnesses and other participants lie because they think they have to; everyone else lies for the sheer joy of it, and to uphold a general principle that under no circumstances do you provide accurate information to a cop.

Federal agents embedded with Baltimore detectives; there’s a match made in heaven.  These agents won’t know the streets like the BPD detectives do; they won’t know the players, the families, the victims like BPD does.  This is a bureaucratic ploy to make it appear that Baltimore and their DC Masters are “doing something.”

Yes, the Baltimore murder rate is skyrocketing.  Young black urban males are stacked up like cordwood.

And this is of a concern, why?

This is precisely what Demorats and Leftists have been pushing, so they are reaping nothing but what they have sown — not simply over the past week, or past month, or past year — but what they have sown since the early 1960s.

This outcome was completely predictable and not unforeseen whatsoever.  It’s been building for decades.  The Demorats have been pushing one meme over all, and that is this:

Black lives really don’t matter.

Because young urban black males have become something of a doomed culture.  One of the largest things that doomed cultures lack is the ability to conduct introspection and self-examination. This requires not only self-awareness but an amount of education, which by and large most urban blacks not only do not seem to possess but apparently have no interest in acquiring. That mindset does not allow for alternate propositions or methods. To a degree various corruptive cultures are also responsible for the overall decline of this nation. The “gangbanger” culture has been more corruptive than most and runs across all — and I mean ALL — ethnicities. There is Mexican rap, there is Tongan rap, there is Icelandic rap.  This stems from the young black urban male culture and is endemic globally.  It is not a productive cultural element.

The corruption has been so terribly inculcated over the years that most urban blacks are completely unaware that those who “promise more” to blacks are actually their slavemasters, and provide the chains with which altogether too many blacks willingly and ignorantly bind themselves.

The Demorats, under Johnson’s “Great Society,” helped to remove the black male from the family equation by dint of cash promised to young black mothers without fathers. When blacks discovered they could get cash in certain non-familial situations and, further, acquire more cash with more children, the culture was on its way down. This, of course, bled over into the rest of the nation and helped to create the dooming entitlement philosophy.

So it is no shock that Baltimore murder rates are skyrocketing.  Because, I reiterate, black lives do not matter.  They do not matter to Leftists.  They do not matter to Demorats.

And they do not matter to those who are in charge of Baltimore.  Baltimore is a city by the blacks, of the blacks and for the blacks.  Slightly over half of its department is black.  The person in charge of the incident involving Freddie Gray was a black female sergeant.  Baltimore city bureaucrats and its mayor are black.

Let’s go one step further.

Leftists embrace abortion.  They clearly embrace Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is the agency whose employees and/or agents are shown via a number of videos (now available publicly) to be at best indifferently and at worst coldly and calculatingly parting-out aborted babies — possibly for profit, in contravention of the 1993 federal law prohibiting same — 42 U.S.C. 289g.

If one investigates Planned Parenthood, one discovers it was started by Margaret Sanger in 1916.  Sanger was a prominent leader in the Eugenics movement.  Her quotes include:

Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

This is the woman, by the way, whom Hillary Clinton admires.

  • Planned Parenthood conducts 1.6 million abortions annually, according to CDC statistics.
  • They receive more than half a billion dollars annually in taxpayer funding.
  • It is against US law to perform abortions in a manner designed to preserve heart, lung, liver and other organs intact. Yet for Planned Parenthood, this is exactly what they are doing according to their own admissions on camera.
  • Sales of baby organs are big business for Planned Parenthood’s coffers. Details of actual dollars generated are still withheld from public scrutiny.

There are now more abortions among Blacks in New York than there are live births.

It looks like Sanger is getting her wish from a hundred years ago.

Let us not forget that Planned Parenthood is federally funded, to the tune of $540.6 million dollars in fiscal year 2013.  Let us also not forget that it is estimated up to 80% of babies aborted are black or Hispanic.

Please allow me to state the obvious from physician specialist Elizabeth Lee Vliet: “Let’s be correct in terms: Abortion ends the life of a baby. In fact, if it isn’t a baby, then the woman isn’t pregnant.”

Finally: black lives don’t matter to each other.

So I have to ask an obvious question that apparently others haven’t the intelligence or courage to pose: if black lives don’t matter to each other, then why should I give one whit about whether an urban black male dies or not?

It is an amazing thing to me that there isn’t a mass uprising of those persons who finally realize what is being done to blacks and by blacks.

I summarize: it would appear that most evidence — clearly provided by Demorats and Leftists — indicates that black lives truly do not matter.



Please read this article, “Six Things You Need To Know About the 5th Planned Parenthood Video.”  Prepare yourself.