BZ’s Berserk Bobcat Saloon radio show, Thursday, August 10th, with the Underground Professor

Featuring Right thinking from a left brain, doing the job the American Media Maggots won’t, embracing ubiquitous, sagacious perspicacity and broadcasting behind enemy lines in Occupied Fornicalia from the veritable Belly of the Beast, the Bill Mill in Sacramento, Fornicalia, I continue to proffer my thanks to the SHR Media Network for allowing me to utilize their studio and hijack their air twice weekly, Tuesdays and Thursdays, thanks to my shameless contract, as well as appear on the Sack Heads Radio Show™ each Wednesday evening.

Tonight in the Saloon:

  • We speak to our wonderful Thursday night recurring guest, savant extraordinaire, the Underground Professor — Dr Michael Jones — about all things Constitutional;
  • You have but to look and see that BZ and the UP are united in our Majestic Beardliness;
  • I am the official Stunt Double for the Professor;
  • Or is he my Stunt Double? I can never remember;
  • Dr Jones talks about the two types of ConLaw;
  • UP and BZ exchange heinous weather horror stories;
  • MOPP gear vs EOD gear in the summer: which is worse?
  • A brief tribute to LAPD EOD specialist Detective Arleigh McCree from 1986;
  • Two types of ConLaw: stare decisis and the debates;
  • Words, history and original intent mean little in terms of stare decisis;
  • Let us not forget the Ratification Debates, the Professor suggests;
  • Reference: “The 5,000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen;
  • What is a Constitutional Convention?
  • What is an Amendment Convention?
  • The Underground Professor discusses North Korea;
  • “Giving nukes to Kim Jong Un is like handing a loaded .357 magnum revolver to a six-year-old and expecting responsibility;”
  • Loreal Space, GPS, and William Jefferson Clinton;
  • The China connection;
  • The Underground Professor was feeding his dogs during the break;
  • We refer to EO 11905 under Gerald Ford;
  • I desperately need a Producer;
  • Manafort switching legal team: it’s a DIVIDE AND CONQUER play;
  • But wait; is there not more buttery political goodness?
  • Of course there is.

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