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Michigan becomes a “right to work” state, Unions become violent

Michigan has, historically, been a very heavily unionized state because — naturally — of the Big Three automakers’ presence in Detroit.

On Tuesday, Michigan became the 24th state to declare itself a “right to work” locale.  Right to work means: you don’t have to join a union to get a job.

Oddly enough, Michigan simultaneously possesses the highest unionization and unemployment rates in the entire Midwest.  I think even the worst of my trolls can grok that math.

Demorats in Illinois have already promised: “there will be blood.”

[Demorat Doug Geiss mentions the "battle of the overpass."  You can see that reference here.]

Let’s also view how lovingly and responsibly Leftist and Progressive union people respond to a vote that doesn’t quite go their way:

Steven Crowder set up a tent.  He merely asked questions.  His tent was torn down and he was punched.  Thugs.  Union thugs.  One very interesting comment on the video below:

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  • Mike Pease

    Mike Pease 6 minutes ago

    They complain about a Republican controlled legislature and Governor passing legislation that they are vehemently opposed to but don’t have the votes to stop it! These THUG, MORON, HATER, HYPOCRITES never once voiced concern when the LIBERALS in DC, RAMMED, illegally, Obama care down our throats with ZERO Conservative votes!

    LIBERALS = HATE, LIES, and HYPOCRISY to the 100th degree!


Call me wacky, but there seems to be very little understanding and acceptance with the Demorat union people involved here.  And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Demorats and Leftists and Progressives portray themselves as “sensitive” and “non-violent” and “accepting of all viewpoints” — ?

I seem to find myself confused.  Do I detect just a hint of hypocrisy involved?

Let’s see: the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, won the election.  Their legislature won their multiple elections.  Isn’t that exactly how Barack Hussein Obama crowed upon his first election?

The LA Times writes:

Controversial “right-to-work” legislation covering public-sector employees passed the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday, bringing it one step closer to being signed into law.

The House passed the bill, 58 to 51, as union opponents of the measure booed inside the Capitol and an estimated 12,000 people rallied outside. The state’s Senate approved the bill last week.

The House is now scheduled to vote on a right-to-work bill for private-sector employees, which would cover Michigan’s auto industry. If that measure passes, Michigan would become the 24th right-to-work state, meaning unions cannot require members to pay dues as a condition of employment.

Mr Obama is — shock of shocks — against this development.

Imagine that.




Death by Union

As people who read me already know, I am a member of an “association” which is, of course, essentially a union.  They negotiate for our contracts.  Our contract expires in 2014 and I shall, with much luck, be retired before its expiration.  And no, upon retirement, I don’t get “medical for life.”  As a matter of fact, my medical coverage stops completely when I retire.

I don’t, however, get to throttle the county into bankruptcy if everyone in my department were to engage in a strike (which won’t occur for a myriad of reasons, lawfully).

Precisely as a number of unions did against Hostess Brands, Inc.  And with that, the company shut down its plants, laid off 18,000+ workers and stopped baking.

From back in April of 2012:

A union official representing workers at Hostess Brands Inc. said Monday that he isn’t optimistic the two sides will come to an agreement over workers’ contracts before the dispute lands in bankruptcy court.

Hostess has said it will ask the court this week to toss out its existing union contracts if its workers don’t accept cost-cutting proposals in its “final” offer. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in January, citing rising competition and pension and medical costs.

Ken Hall, general secretary-treasurer of the Teamsters union, says his union’s members will walk off the job if the court throws out the contracts. CEO Greg Rayburn says a strike will force the company to shut down and liquidate.

The court threw out the contracts.  The unions struck.  And the company shut down

Hostess is going through a liquidation hearing today, as a matter of fact, regarding its 33 nationwide plants, one of which is in Sacramento where I work.  There were 300 workers laid off in Sacramento, and about 1,850 in the state of Fornicalia.

A bit of a final notation: how can one company function competently and efficiently under the 12 unions and 327 separate contracts formerly operating at Hostess Brands?

Apparently: it cannot.