Do you know Barack Hussein Obama II?

Information you likely did not know.

And you ask: “why does it seem as though Mr Obama sympathizes with Muslims and dislikes Israel, Jews, and Benjamin Netanyahu?”

I think you may have formulated your own answer.



10 thoughts on “Do you know Barack Hussein Obama II?

  1. Great post BZ and I have read these findings on other sites but not all together as you have assembled here. Tried to read Texas Freds’ blog and got a message that I was banned from his site. Has he been hacked?

    • No, Wayne, he hasn’t. He encountered some WordPress issues and they have now been cleared. That said, thank you kindly for coming here and reading and taking the time to comment. Also, please wish Texas Fred some good tidings; he survived carotid surgery and is now back at home resting. Keep him in your prayers.


    • No it hasn’t, but I post it here, now, because it answers many questions about Obaka’s stance on the Middle East and, now, specifically Iran.

      And Israel.


  2. Saw this when it first hit the internet.
    All true. The bamster is a criminal fraud poser, and hopefully once his reign is over, he will then be arrested.
    Who knows what will be his legacy. I expect that his communist activities will attempt to squash, delete all of his past.
    Wonder where this fraud will “build” his presidential library??

    • I don’t have words to quantify, Obaka, really.

      The only thing is this: he will pass. And history will NOT remember him kindly.

      When the press defines him as worse for freedom of the press than Bush, you know there is an issue.


  3. The fucker is ruining this country and he should be removed from office. Yet he still is beloved by millions of ignorant Americans.

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