“Justice involved individuals”

Obama RiotousAnd with that, more WORD PABLUM from our federal Department of Justice under Obama-appointed Leftist Loretta Lynch — an incredible plus for Obama as she is a she and she is black.  The best of all possible worlds.  She only lacks a lesbian bent.  (You can’t have everything.)

What is the issue?

The federal DOJ has now decided to call convicted criminals “justice involved individuals.”

Mouth pablum, euphemisms, verbal drivel, word salad.

The federal DOJ will now call convicted criminals “justice involved individuals.”

Is there a reason?

Oh, yes there is.  Votes.  Felon voters.  Just look at Virginia.

The original DOJ release is here.

More focused is Breitbart.com:

DOJ Coins New Term for Convicted Criminals: ‘Justice-Involved Individuals’

by Katie McHugh

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice is deploying a new term for convicted criminals: “justice-involved individuals.”

“In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75 million for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and nonprofit legal service organizations to address the challenges justice-involved individuals face when trying to find work and a place to call home,” a statement from the Department of Justice reads.

Lynch’s statement came during National Reentry Week,” where the Obama administration works to soften or eliminate the consequences of committing serious crimes and ensure ex-cons are given the same advantages as lifelong, law-abiding citizens.

So there we go.  In Obama’s world, a convicted criminal is now a “justice-involved individual.”  Not a convicted criminal.  Not a suspect.

Just as Obama decided that a terrorist can’t be called a terrorist, and words don’t have real meanings any more, Obama’s rogue states have become “outliers” and pablum like “overseas contingency operations,” “man-caused disasters,” “countering violent extremism” and “kinetic military action” are the norm.  It should be no shock, then, that Obama’s DOJ now calls convicted felons “justice involved individuals”

On that note, cops could be “justice involved individuals” as are judges, the bailiff, law clerks, probation officers and people who file legal records are “justice involved individuals.”

Word pablum.

Now in Obaka’s World, crime now means “justice.”

George Orwell would be proud.



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  1. Well, lets see,,, JII means justice involved individuals.
    J I I.
    90% crime caused by a negro, or also called JIG.
    Therefore,,,, JII=JIG.
    Maybe a new meaning here,,,somewhere.

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