Leftists: doubling down on Hillary for 2020

Just when you thought the Demorat fossils are numerous years past their political expiration dates, out comes more support — doubling down on precisely what it was that utterly failed to work on November 8th of 2016.

From — naturally — Slate.com:

Here’s your leftover turkey: The case for Hillary Clinton 2020

by Matthew Rozsa

What better way to honor the holiday than with a spiteful argument for yet another Clinton candidacy?

Are you sick of Republicans? Or just right-wingers in general? Do you want to send a message to Washington that you aren’t going to buy into their racistsexistxenophobichomophobic and classist nonsense for one second longer?

Then do the very thing that Donald Trump unintentionally encouraged in a recent tweet: Encourage Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020!

I’m sure this is the part where the Clinton-haters — be they Trumpers, Bernie Bros or anything in between — will say something to the effect of, “Of course he wants her to run again. That’s the only way he’ll get re-elected!”

Get out of my head! That is precisely what I and other clear-thinking persons were thinking. After all, that Trump/Russia thingie has worked out so wonderfully, has it not?

The next paragraph is absolutely golden, however. Think: what would be the finest reason for Hillary Clinton to run in 2020?

Slow your roll there. Clinton’s poll numbers aren’t too good right now (OK, they’re downright atrocious), but there are still four great reasons to consider choosing her as the Democratic nominee in 2020. Even better, all but one of them has to do with an emotion that has no place in this season (which is why I absolutely had to write this article for Thanksgiving weekend): Spite. Delicious, nutritious spite.

But what of the four reasons delineated by author Rozsa?

1. Hillary Clinton is the Winston Churchill to Vladimir Putin’s Adolf Hitler.

I agree with the basic principle of Godwin’s Law: The first person to invoke Hitler in a political debate should normally lose. The exception, of course, has to be when someone has genuine Hitler-like qualities. A foreign despot who has invaded neighboring countries and has a right-wing nationalist agenda is about as Nazi-like as you can get.

Omigosh Rozsa, but what would Jesus do? In your case, that of Leftists, Demorats and the American Media Maggots like yourself, what would Stalin or Guevara or Castro or Chavez or Maduro do — you know, your actual idols?

2. Hillary Clinton being elected president (at last) would monumentally piss off misogynistic trolls, and what’s not to like about that? 

I can’t think of a single political figure in recent American history who has been hated as deeply, or for as long, as Hillary Clinton. From the moment she emerged on the national stage in 1992 as a distinctly feminist prospective first lady, she has been the target of right-wing wrath woefully out of proportion to anything she has ever said or done.

Of course. You’re right back at “spite.” Seems to me, Rozsa, you’ve confused both 1 and 2 as separate issues when they’re not.

3. By winning the popular vote convincingly in 2016, Hillary Clinton has earned the right to be considered the presumptive nominee in 2020.

As I wrote in September, Clinton is the first defeated presidential candidate to win the popular vote without being automatically considered a frontrunner in the next election. Two of the previous four popular vote-winning also-rans were actually elected in the subsequent cycle (Andrew Jackson in 1828 and Grover Cleveland in 1892), while two others were widely regarded as frontrunners before dropping out for personal reasons (Samuel Tilden and Al Gore).

My, could that possible be because Hillary Clinton was precisely the wrong candidate for the Demorats to run? Yes, beautiful idea: let’s take the most corrupt, the most craven, the most arrogant, the most hypocritical and unlikable Demorat candidate possible and run them. #BecauseIt’sMyTurn

Here’s where Rozsa proves himself an unparalleled comedian.

4. We can expect her to be a good president.

Frankly, the worst thing that can be said about a potential 2020 Clinton candidacy, especially in America’s current cultural and political climate, is that her husband still hasn’t answered for the numerous sexual abuse accusations against him. While it may seem unfair for Hillary to be held accountable for Bill’s alleged predations, it can plausibly be argued that she played a role in helping him cover them up. If that is ever proved beyond a reasonable doubt, she should be given the heave-ho.

As my poor mother-in-law used to say before she passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2007:

Sometimes people are put on this planet solely as an example of what not to do.

Smart woman.



3 thoughts on “Leftists: doubling down on Hillary for 2020

  1. What I truly do not get is this Trump derangement syndrome and undying love for hiLIARy. After dissecting Trump’s life, the only thing they have come up with that they can negatively spin is that Trump made a statement about “Grabbing women by the pussy”. And what did he mean by this? Did he say he did it personally? NO! Did he say he condones this? NO! All he was saying, is that Hollywood is so full of hot women that will do anything to break into the business or get with an A-list celebrity, that you can’t swing a dead cat by the tail without hitting a woman who is willing to drop her panties at a moment’s notice if you are famous. In fact, Trump made a damn fine prediction as we now see he was right, and a whole lot of women (and men) who are now coming forward in what I think may be regret sex moreso than actual rape. But that’s another issue altogether.

    Anyway, my point is, they have nothing on Trump, NADA, ZILCH, ZIP, ZERO, yet they hate him and love hiLIARy. The same hiLIARy who has more baggage and a trail of dead bodies to boot, yet she is their choice for president. If Trump did a tenth of what we KNOW hiLIARy did, he would be destroyed…and rightly so. So why the hell is hiLIARy not only running for president, but not in prison right now? If she had an (R) in front of her name, she would have been destroyed decades ago…but nope…she’s an admitted progressive…which is nice speak for commie.

    Go ahead, run. I guess hiLIARy is the shit they are throwing against the wall hoping she will eventually stick. Kinda like watching Bullwinkle pull a rabbit out of his hat….this time for sure.

    This only proves that dems have nothing. They have no new guys in the wings that they can bring up the ranks. They have nothing but tired old communism, that many are seeing is not what this country is about. obama was the fluke, and he was elected, not because he was a democrat or a communist, but because he was black. America needed to prove to itself that it was past its own racism, plus blacks everywhere voted for the sole purpose of sticking it to the white man. They had no idea who or what obama was about, but dammit, he was black, and brothers gotta be sticking together.

    Woman, not so much. Most woman know a bitch when they see one. And hiLIARy does NOT represent them.

    Hey, I have no problem with a woman president. But I will NOT vote for a woman for the sole reason that she is a woman. She has to hold the conservative ideals that I hold…or at least most of them.

    If things go right, in three years, hiLIARy will be fighting for her freedom, facing lengthy prison sentences for all the wrong she had done, as opposed to fighting for the presidency.

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