No pomegranates

I love it when Leftist teachers totally collapse and implode in class.

Des Moines Area Community College psychology professor (there you go) Jane Martino imploded so gloriously this Wednesday that her rant was captured and sent around the planet at least three or four times. Let’s watch and listen.

Many are asking “why is she screaming about pomegranates?” A good question and one yet unanswered though, at this point, with this kind of display, does it really matter? The entertainment quotient is grand even though one could properly ask “what is the nexus between psychology and pomegranates?” Perhaps because they both begin with the letter “p”?

Sorry, I can’t pass up some of the comments on the internet:

  • The chairs they sit in look comfy as fuck. What school has chairs like that?
  • Looks like they are going over the rules of class. Rule #1 must be No Pomegranates.
  • K wait, are pomegranates allowed or not?
  • I think the only way to know for certain, is to bring a large sack of pomegranates to the next class.
  • One for each student. Remember, if you are going to share you have to have enough for everyone!
  • I’m still a little unclear on this rule- are pomegranates allowed?
  • Man fuck that I’d yell “yes pomegranates.”
  • Back to school list
  • What if the pomegranates are peeled already?
  • Someone jeopardized their life to make that video.
  • I’d have a huge bag of pomegranates on her desk the next morning.
  • Hopefully her 50 cats will calm her down when she gets home.
  • Those kids are going into debt for that shit.
  • No wire hangers!
  • Molding the minds of America’s youth… one batshit crazy rant at a time.

No matter. I provide brief respites from the other revelries of life.

Carry on.



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