Some inconvenient truths about Islam

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I’m still here and fighting for the United States of America.  I suppose I will be slayed and butchered.  Go for it, you affronting fucks, you baby killers, you pederasts, you penetrators of boys’ anuses.  One thing US soldiers discover upon landing upon your “Persia” is that women are for procreating and boys are for pleasure.  I’m old, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m worn out, but I’m also well armed.  And I post what I will when I will because I have the First Amendment behind me.

If I don’t back up my words and thoughts in the clear, then I am nothing more than a coward.  I hate cowards.  And I am plain and clear.


2 thoughts on “Some inconvenient truths about Islam

    • That won’t happen; however, the so-called “moderate” Muslims we hear so much about need to take a bigger place in the scope of the religion in order to take it back. If they fail to do so, the pushback against Islam will only grow and they will find themselves in the path of said pushback.


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