BZ’s 10-year Bloggiversary

BZ 10-Year BloggiversaryBloviating Zeppelin began on June 19th of 2004.

I never thought it would last more than a few months.  I never thought I would be interested in posting more than a few months.

Surprise, surprise.

I was convinced I’d lose interest.

First it went five years.

I wrote only for myself. I had no idea how to embed links, how to post photographs. I could do nothing but write and click the “PUBLISH POST” button.

My continuing thanks to Texas Fred and Robert from American & Proud for bringing my graphics into the 20th Century, and then on my conversion from to WordPress.

I’ve written for me; I’ve written to document portions of my life so I won’t forget; I’ve written to bloviate, to excoriate, to yell, to educate. I’ve written when stone cold sober and remarkably inebriated. I’ve written with tears running down my cheeks. And I’ve written as the snow fell and stacked up, over six feet, on my deck.

Throughout all this, my greatest thanks go to you, my readers. Thank you for trusting me, for visiting, for taking the time to comment and interact.

With all the hubris, arrogance, violence, hate, discontent, confusion, lack of understanding and, mostly, lack of time, I know that each and every one of you are challenged in your lives.

Yet you still find the time to come by.

I stand amazed. And incredibly thankful.

Thank you again.



Waves of Change coming to BZ: a NEW “The Usual Suspects” blogroll!

Things are about to change.

Waves Of ChangeThe BZ Blogroll has to change.

It has become too stagnant and I had become unwilling to look and link to new and exciting talent.  People who don’t blog regularly as I do — well, I can’t have time for them. Life is too short.

Though I’m getting older, the political issues are morphing faster as are the changing and evolving technological realms — which have a massive effect on our lives.  I, we, cannot afford to get kicked to the curb because we do not have time to become aware.

Thusly: the blogroll of The Usual Suspects is markedly changing later this week.

The Usual SuspectsAnd I will be going back to personally introducing or deleting various blogs on my TUS blogroll.

Look for the change, and please visit those who will inhabit my new The Usual Suspects blogroll.




BZ on Twitter:

BZ for TwitterI’m updating my life in a very small way.

Aim your Twits @BlovtngZeppelin

I’m new to this stuff.

Trust me when I tell you I have yet to figure it out.  And that I will need some help with this.

I might get back to you today.  I might get back to you in a couple of weeks.  Yes, I am that technologically daft.




BZ: one door closes; another one OPENS

This post is going to remain on top for a day or two. Please scroll down for the latest BZ updates. Thanks.

Sooner or later, it had to come.

I’ve been on Blogger since my first post on June 19th of 2004.

But Blogger, as you likely realize, is owned and run by Google.  You know, the same monster that recently decided to eliminate the newest Romney promo video on YouTube — that’s right, also owned by Google.

I figure it’s just a matter of time before Google decides to eliminate me because, after all, I’ve had an eight-year blogging romp for free.  And I’m one blogpost short of tapping a major Conservative vein that Google doesn’t like.

On one front I have to hand it to Blogger: this adventure — and boy was it an adventure — didn’t cost me a damned thing except blood, sweat, tears and massive amounts of time.  For a free venue I’d say I’ve gotten my money’s worth but, of course, there is no such thing as the proverbial Free Lunch.  Sooner or later a price has to be paid.  And the upcoming price those linked to Blogger will have to soon face: censorship.

And I refuse to go there.  I will pay for my own “sovereignty,” so to speak.  Because you really do, in the end, get what you pay for.

Now: I am involved in a consortium with TexasFred, American & Proud, and Texas Shady.  We all kick in buckage for our server time, domain names and techno upkeep.  And we OWN our domain names now.

Frankly, it just allows me to sleep a bit better at night knowing that no one can take this blog down for some arbitrary or capricious reason.  I would ask, though, for a time, that you hold a bit of tolerance in your heart for me whilst I learn and transition from Blogger to WordPress.  I may make some — ahem — clumsy mistakes that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred.  For me it’s a learning curve; steep but possible.  I must apologize in advance for future ham-handed efforts to come until I get this WordPress “thing” down.

That said and written, I would ask three questions:

1. What do you think of the new site?
2. Why do you visit BZ and what do you expect to find?
3. How can I make it better?

In closing, I say: Goodbye to Blogger, and to the old Bloviating Zeppelin site.  Some have suggested I simply take it down and move on.  But like one of my children, I can’t do that.  It will be up as long as Blogger allows.  I cut my political and techno teeth on that blog.

BZ is dead.  Long live BZ!

Except: one door is closing and another door is simply opening a bit further.



Unlimited techno thanks to Bushwack at American & Proud for his unswerving reliability, insight and hard work on this creation and transition!  Absolutely couldn’t have done it without him.