Federal government via Trump cedes land BACK to the states

For reference, let’s refresh memories with an article from TheHill.com:

Obama creates, expands national monuments

by Timothy Cama

President Obama created and expanded more national monuments Thursday to honor the history of the fight for civil rights and to protect important landscapes in the West.

The national monument designations, coming about a week before Obama leaves office, further add to the aggressive conservation agenda the president has pursued throughout his eight years in office, fueled by unilateral land and water protections through the Antiquities Act.

Obama has now used the Antiquities Act in more instances than any of his predecessors. He already exceeded the land and water acreage of his successors before Thursday evening’s announcement.

Additionally, from the SierraClub.org:

President Obama Establishes Two New National Monuments in Nevada and Utah

by Jason Mark

Bears Ears and Gold Butte will complete the creation of a massive wildlife corridor in the Southwest

Christmas came a few days late for conservationists, but the presents were welcome nevertheless: Today President Obama used his authority under the Antiquities Act to establish two new national monuments in the Southwest. Together, the designation of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and the Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada gives added protections to some 1.6 million acres of land and, in the process, helps to complete a landscape-scale wildlife corridor north of the Colorado River.

What did that mean? This: with the stroke of a pen the federal government took state land. Plain and simple. 1.6 million acres of land. Public use? Go to hell. Private property? Go to hell.

The physical statistics are these: Barack Hussein Obama took an absolutely unprecedented 554,590,000 acres of land and sea out of use for private citizens and out of any form of due process in terms of deliberation or consideration..

This was clearly a last minute “fuck you” to the incoming administration, filed under the header of “because I can” as a lame duck president. There is no other phrase applicable other than “naked land grab.” Rights be damned.

However, where there are problems there are also remedies. First, from NPR.org:

Trump Orders Largest National Monument Reduction In U.S. History

by Kirk Siegler and Colin Dwyer

On a visit to Utah on Monday, President Trump announced his proclamations dramatically shrinking the size of the state’s two massive national monuments, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. Taken together, Trump’s orders mark the largest reversal of national monument protections in U.S. history.

On the heels of Obama’s largest land grab in history.

The Bears Ears National Monument will go from roughly 1.3 million acres to roughly 228,000 — only about 15 percent of its original size. And Grand Staircase will be diminished by roughly half, from its nearly 1.9 million acres to about 1 million. The specific numbers were provided to reporters by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke prior to Trump’s announcement in Salt Lake City.

This is, upon consideration, a staggering event. When is it ever that you’ve heard or seen the United State government relinquishing power or control over land? When is it that you’ve ever heard or seen the US government ceding land and control back to the states?

“No one values the splendor of Utah more than you do,” Trump told an enthusiastic crowd Monday, “and no one knows better how to use it.”

States rights. Individual control and determination. The polar opposite of the belief system involving Leftists, Demorats and the American Media Maggots in which the bulk of the population is insufficiently capable of self-determination or future planning.

He noted that before making the decision, he had discussed it with Zinke and the state’s two GOP senators, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee. Both senators have been outspoken critics of the two national monuments — both protected under the 1906 Antiquities Act by Democratic presidents — framing them as significant federal overreach that deprives Utahans of their own land.

And Trump echoed those criticisms Monday.

But wait; here is the true crux of the biscuit for this case and oh-so-many others.

“These abuses of the Antiquities Act give enormous power to faraway bureaucrats at the expense of the people who actually live here, work here and make this place their home,” Trump said.

Decisions made by persons far away and far removed from the ramifications of their decisions and edicts. This equates to = they primarily couldn’t care less in DC.

“President Trump’s decision to reduce these monuments allows us to still protect those areas that need protection, while at the same time keeping the area open and accessible to locals who depend on this land for their daily lives,” said Matt Anderson of the Utah-based Sutherland Institute.

Damn that logic.

Of course, let the lawsuits begin. From NARF.org:


President Obama proclaimed the Monument pursuant to his authority under the Antiquities Act, just as all presidents since Theodore Roosevelt had established national monuments. It was the culmination of more than six years of active effort on the part of five Native nations, local tribal people, and their allies to obtain protections for a region that is a sacred source of spiritual traditions and place of origin.

On April 26, 2017, President Trump attacked this important designation. Trump signed an executive order directing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to conduct a review of the Bears Ears National Monument to determine if it was created without “public outreach and proper coordination.” However, the suggestion that the monument’s designation lacked outreach and coordination is disingenuous. The Bears Ears National Monument was created after years of advocacy and many public meetings in the region and in Washington, DC. The effort to protect Bears Ears was very long, very public, and very robust.

Although Trump has stated that he will shrink the Monument, he does not have the authority to take such action.

Odd. What can be done by a president can be undone by a president. Take it to court. Nothing is a one-way process. If so, we’d all be Communists now. We’d all be Demorats now. We aren’t?

Wait. Aren’t these “rights” that were heretofore “unenjoyed” by any form of “indigenous peoples” prior to December of 2016? Why, yes, that is correct. Where was NARF during the Obama Administration prior to December of 2016? Oh yeah. Conspicuously SILENT.

From FoxNews.com:

Trump shrinks Utah monuments created by Obama, Clinton

by Bamini Chakraborty

Capping months of speculation, President Trump on Monday signed a pair of executive orders to significantly shrink two of Utah’s national monuments – Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante – that were created by his Democratic predecessors.

The controversial move was pitched by Trump as a win for states’ rights and follows an April review conducted by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on the boundaries of large national monuments. The review initially looked at more than two dozen sites designated by presidential decree since the 1990s.

Amendment X:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Thank you.



Saturday’s ABC GOP debate

Samsung Note 4, 2-6-2016 201For the first time ever, all the Republican candidates for president are gathered upon one stage in New Hampshire, including Donald Trump.  He eschewed Iowa now decides to partake of New Hampshire.  Did his loss to Ted Cruz possibly have something to do with it?

You can see by the above photograph who is where in terms of the New Hampshire polls.

Seven candidates appeared on stage, to include Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.  Carly Fiorina was not included.

The Debate Begins.

What was the deal with Ben Carson and Donald Trump waiting behind for everyone else?  The introduction procedure was terrible and uncoordinated.

Ted Cruz is humble with regard to faux pas regarding Ben Carson and apologized then explained.

Rubio was asked to explain his accomplishments as senator, then charged off with vigor and focused on Barack Obama.

Christie came out swinging for Marco Rubio as senator and accused him of truancy.  Christie was making the difference between a senator and a governor in terms of critical decisions.  A nice dust-up between the two.

Cruz made a nice point about North Korea and a potential orbiting satellite kicking off an EMP over the United States.  I’m glad to see that the EMP issue is on the table in public.

John Kasich stepped in on North Korea, and Bush said he’d consider a preemptive strike against a North Korean missile launch.

Rubio nailed it with regard to Obama believing that the US is an arrogant global power that needs to be cut down to size, is too powerful, and creates problems for the rest of the world.  That Obama thinks if we create separation from Israel it will help our relations in the Islamic world.  And the same with the Asia-Pacific region with concessions to North Korea.

Christie understands the paradigm between hostage and paying ransom as in, you don’t do it.  At all.  Ever.

Kasich thinks it is, however, okay for 11.5 million illegals to “pay back taxes and a fine,” and be left in place.  Illegals will not pay back taxes nor will they pay a fine nor will courts hold them to that.  That is why Kasich is wrong on illegal immigration.

Like Cruz said, you build a wall, end sanctuary cities, build a wall and stop business from being able to employ illegals.  That is only logical.

Standard Trump: “let me talk, quiet.”  Boos for Trump.  And eminent domain.

Rubio brought up essentially the 10th Amendment with regard to enumerated powers and all other areas of power belonging to the states.  I like and want to hear that.

Christie made an excellent point about raising taxes on millionaires and people then fleeing New Jersey, taking their money with them.  As in: it won’t work.

Cruz espoused my ideals with waging war: kill people, break shit, don’t nation-build and then get out.  Yes.  Precisely, Ted.

Rubio showed a good understanding of the war in the Middle East, ISIS, and the differences between Sunni and Shia.

Frankly, I’m tired of Carson’s “underdog” shtick.  “I’m not up here just to add beauty to the stage.”  If you want to make a point, Carson, step in.  Bully in.  Show some huevos.  You can’t complain about no recognition and not be assertive.  That speaks much about you, Dr Carson.  You’re a nice man and a good man but you are not cut out for the presidency.

Points to Rubio about Guantanamo.

To this point ABC News is presenting the debate as the Rise of the Governors.  I have to admit that it appeared Kasich was doing better.  Christie made good points as he normally does, in my estimation.

A side note.  I very much dislike Martha Radish and her condescending smirk.

An interesting notation: “none of you on stage tonight have served in the military.”  Excellent point.  I hadn’t realized that.

Once again the Leftist panel tried to trap Republicans with the “ransom” question, such as involved James and Diane Foley,  They wish to portray Republicans as cold and cruel.  Luckily Cruz and Trump stuck to their ransom guns.

So who won?

Kasich sounded a bit better but his immigration stance is wrong.  I always enjoy Christie, who did very well tonight.  Carson was completely unimpressive.  Jeb Bush was likewise unimpressive.  Too little too late.  There were no real flame wars as expected.  Trump was Trump, much generality but little detail.  “We will win, we will win and we will win.”  Rubio came off well and Cruz not so abrasive.  The boos tonight, I noted, were for Trump.  I’d still go:

  1. Cruz
  2. Rubio
  3. Christie
  4. Trump

This, I do not believe, was much of a game-changer for any single political candidate.


GOP Debate 2-6-2016 New Hampshire