The obvious: Nancy Pelosi exhibits aberrant behavior — dementia?

No one will say it but I believe, given her displays the past year or so, that Demorat Nancy Pelosi is exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimers or an Alzheimers-like disease.

Please note the video.

Then please note this video.

And this.

And this as well.

We recall, of course, that the American Media Maggots excoriated President Reagan towards the end of his presidency, yet they are strangely silent when it concerns Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre behavior. We know the reason.

The question becomes this: is it why Demorats are now attempting to get Nancy Pelosi to move aside and “move on” from politics?



5 thoughts on “The obvious: Nancy Pelosi exhibits aberrant behavior — dementia?

  1. As the Dimwits, aka the Demorats keep saying those nasty things about President Trump and his lack of ability and accomplishments lets go down memory land and look at Obama’s accomplishments.
    The Dirty Dingbat Democrats caused the Great Recession with their mortgage policies.
    Obama increased the poverty rate.
    Obama lowered America’s standard of living.
    Obama’s “stimulus spending” was actually a Democrat $trillion dollar$ looting spree.
    The Corrupt Democrats ran our government without a budget for 4 years to hide their stealing.
    Obama ruined America’s credit rating.

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