Two Muslims KILLED in Garland Texas

Garland TX ShootingA story with a happy ending in Texas.

And those who fired the killing shots should be provided with community service awards and a case of 1,000 rounds of their favorite caliber.

Let’s see: Muslim Fucktards 0, Texans 2.  Works for me.

From the

Two gunmen ‘carrying explosives’ attack anti-Muslim art contest in Texas: Suspects dead and security guard wounded at ‘draw Muhammad’ event that offered $10k prize

by Wills Robinson
  • Two suspects were gunned down after shooting the guard in the leg outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland
  • Building and surrounding area was placed on lockdown by a SWAT team with around 100 attendees still inside
  • Reports suggest the pair were carrying explosives at the time, and another two bombs were discovered nearby 
  • The American Freedom Defense Initiative event offered a $10,000 prize for the best caricature of the prophet 
  • Involved a keynote speech from far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has linked the Koran to terrorism 

Two armed suspects believed to be carrying explosives have been shot dead after opening fire outside an anti-Muslim art exhibition in Dallas.

The pair were gunned down after shooting a security guard in the leg outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, during a ‘family event’ where caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed.

The building and surrounding area was placed on lockdown by a SWAT team with around 100 attendees still inside after multiple gunshots were heard.

Two suspects pulled up in a vehicle with with explosives, before getting out and firing at the officer, identified in local reports as Bruce Joiner. They were then killed by Garland Police officers. 

Mr Joiner was taken to hospital in a stable condition and is expected to survive.  

The attack unfolded shortly after Dutch member of parliament and leader of the far-right Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, had delivered his keynote speech. 

At this point there is little detail known specifically about the Garland reaction, but to those officers who responded I say: you are a credit to law enforcement.

The event was set up by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and had been described by opponents as an attack on Islam. The controversial group booked the center a little more than a week after Islamic militants in France killed 12 people at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Despite criticism from residents, the organizers believed they were exercising their freedom of expression.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the contest, which was offering a top prize of $10,000, had received about 350 entries depicting Muhammad – even though visual representation of the prophet is deemed extremely offensive by Muslims. 

Of course, there are those who will rattle their jaws — Conservatives and well as Leftists — and say: “why would you want to even do this, considering the temper of the times and Islam?”

My response?  Because the First Amendment of the United States exists to protect not milquetoast speech, not mealy-mouthed speech, but challenging speech of the first degree.  Speech that requires protection and is taxing by its very nature.

Like the event in Garland.

Presentation At The Center

Presentation at the Curtis Culwell Center to artist Bosch Fawstin (L) by Dutch politician Geert Wilders (center) and Pamela Geller (R).

As you might expect, Twitter is all a-twitter regarding this event.  I provide some of the more amusing graphics following:

Muslim Bakery Muslim Jokes Muslim LogicHillary DonationsIslam Is For You Islam Means Submission Islamic State & Islam IslamistsIslam Tweet 1And, of course, BZ had to weigh in on Twitter as well (above), to Abu Hussain.

OffensiveGarland SWAT OfficerGarland PD SWAT officer with Punisher patch.  Nicely played, sir.

Wonder no more, America, why your civilian law enforcement tends to “look” militarized when in fact they truly are not.  An incident such as this.

Because, after all, when (not if) ISIS and/or other Muslim Fucktards slay your brother or your mother inside a mall, you’ll be whining and moaning about America’s cops not being sufficiently militarized.  Why?

Because soldiers and the federal government minions are not First Responders.  Real cops are

Most federal officers are not real cops and couldn’t pretend to be, because they don’t know the first thing about working an area day-to-day and hour-to-hour.  The FBI are not real cops; DHS “officers” aren’t real cops.  The FBI is good for second-guessing real cops at their leisure, and licking the cock and balls of their local AUSA.  The FBI have their place, of course, but not as first responders.  The same with FEMA.  In other words: the feds will not be saving you with immediacy.

Muslim TruthI don’t think I can quite be more succinct than this, with regard to Islamists in my country and the world over: FUCK ISLAM.

FUCK ISLAMMuslim HateIslam Death CultIslam is a death cult.  Ignorant people quantify it simply as a religion, but it is a political culture of death, depravity, clitorectomies, female genital mutilation, misogyny, goat penetration, pedophilia, ignorance, barbarity, violence and stupidity.  The last thing attributed to Islam as practiced is peace — which is why I always say and have always said “Islam is as Islam does.”

Coexist LogoLeftist ignorant idealists believe in the above.

Coexist Gun LogoI and others like me believe in this.

With luck, I may have been able to convey to you, my stalwart readers, how I truly feel about Islam, though I have held some of my more strident thoughts back due to political correctness.



15 thoughts on “Two Muslims KILLED in Garland Texas

  1. Over the years there have been many things which have offended me, several which I view as greatly offensive.. But the greatest offense is the softening of the liberties which we enjoy in the United States of America. To that end I say bugger off to them who seek to tamper with constitutionally protected rights. The focus is on speech because that is what this event, and the various responses thereof, is about. Right on, BZ, for your position on the matter.

  2. I have been telling you for a long time; we do things a lot differently here in Texas… Garland and Rowlett share a long common border and have a strong mutual aid agreement… Our weather may not be to your liking but damn Bro, you can’t beat the cops and the guns laws…

    And most, if not ALL of my positive POLICE posts and comments are based on 1st hand knowledge about Texas and Louisiana Police… This is hard core redneck country, FUCK ISLAM and every goat fucking son of a bitch that’s a member…

    • Funny you should mention that, I specifically saw at least one vehicle in the news reports marked ROWLETT.


  3. All of you have it correct. Islam puts itself out as a religion, it is really a cult. Maybe we should offer the lot of them a batch of grape Kool-Aid because ammo is expensive. What happened in Garland can happen anywhere in our country. We have to be vigilant to the utmost, stop giving up freedom for security, and take our country back. I will fight if need be because I won’t live in fear. That is no life for me.

  4. Yes, it can happen anywhere. Yes, the police tend to be better equipped than they were back in Mayberry, because the ne’er-do-wells are no longer chucking jokes and barbs, but rocks and viable threats. When I was a kid, the “gangs” were made up of kids who thought they were tough but would fold the first time momma was mentioned – nowadays, the “mommas” for the most part encourage the hard-core thug lifestyle.

    Well, except for the momma in Baltimore …

    I am actually kind of dreading/looking forward to the time the muzzies declare all-out jihad on our turf. Yes, my wife and child may be in danger, but I know that I will feel fully alive once again actively defending the American Lifestyle.

  5. Agree with everything you posted BZ. Islam is the enemy of all free people and the only good muslim is a dead one. Will take a while for this nation to awaken and wade thru the smoke screens our Muslim POTUS has placed in front of us. Islam and its followers need to be driven out of this country.

  6. Hmmm. I think you might have sugar coated it a bit BZ! But I can’t disagree!!! And I’m glad they had extra police there. But this IS an example of this crap coming here…

    • On the other hand I support her being there and her ability to express her feelings about Islam. In THIS country she has that right.


        • You object to the tits and ass. I would only object if her tits and ass were terrible. I still agree with her message.

          And come on. Both Garland and Rowlett kicked ass.


  7. Most federal officers are not real cops and couldn’t pretend to be, because they don’t know the first thing about working an area day-to-day and hour-to-hour.

    That won’t make you a lot of friends with the various Feds. Somehow, I don’t see you losing any sleep over it.

    • I still have some federal friends who happen to have expressed to me those thoughts, almost in those specific sentences. And most certainly with regard to their AUSAs.


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