“13 Hours” – the CIA LIES for Clinton & Obama

13 HOURS MovieThe Michael Bay film, “13 Hours,” based on the book “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” by Mitchell Zuckoff, opened last month on January 15th and, unfortunately, I hadn’t been able to see the movie because I am not yet sufficiently mobile from my surgery.

I was able to see it late last night, Saturday, at the very final showing at a local theatre.  With the assistance of my Wifely Wife and her sister, the knee scooter was loaded into the Kraut Kar and off we went.

Essentially, the film and the book make liars and fools out of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The team’s CIA station chief told the Washington Post the stand-down order “is fiction and the film is flat-out wrong.”  Further, the CIA says that the film is “shameful and a distortion of the events and people who served in Benghazi that night.”

Juan Williams also believes the film and the book are fabrications.

What is sad is that American journalists yuck it up over the deaths of four Americans in Libya.  Somehow Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Officer Sean Smith and former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods get forgotten.  [Watergate brought down a presidency where no one was killed.  Contrast and compare this to Benghazi, and its lies then and now.]

Benghazi A Phony ScandalWhen I wrote this post initially a few weeks ago, three of the actual operators who responded to the Benghazi call for assistance, Kristian “Tanto” Paronto, John “Tig” Tiegen, and Mark “Oz” Geist were interviewed on the Megyn Kelly show.  They unequivocally stated that they were told to stand down by CIA representatives.

These GRS (Global Response Services) employees, former soldiers and private security contractors hired as security elements, provided protection in austere and high-threat environments for the Central Intelligence Agency.

“This is the true story you were never told.”

Part of what you didn’t know is that the six GRS contractors were at the CIA annex, less than a mile from the Benghazi consulate.  You saw that clearly illustrated in the film “13 Hours.”  They could hear the distress calls over the radio.  The CIA station chief at that annex told the GRS contractors repeatedly to “stand down.”

Benghazi Consulate & AnnexAll three operators interviewed on The Kelly File specifically remembered the CIA station chief pointedly telling them, to their faces, to “stand down.”  A deputy chief, chief of base and a team leader saying “stand down.”

“If you guys don’t get over here, we’re all gonna fucking die,” radioed the State Department people at the Benghazi, Libya consulate to anyone who was listening.

The contractors decided to “buck orders and we left.”

All the operators testified to this in DC.

Do the operators believe the men who died would be alive today if the US had responded appropriately from the beginning?  They expected assistance from the US government that never came.  Why do they think four Americans paid the ultimate price?

First, they were looking for air support.  Instead, an unmanned drone was sent.  And the drone footage was useless because it was 30 seconds behind what was occurring in real time on the ground.  Do you remember the issue regarding staffers watching the drone over Benghazi as the assault occurred?

Benghazi Watched Them DieALL of the operators believe everyone would be alive today had they been allowed to respond when they were asked.  Unequivocally.  They all said it in front of Megyn Kelly.

When told the CIA response was they were never told to stand down, the operators said “that’s just silly.”  “Somehow they don’t want to believe that we were told to stand down.  They believe everything else.”

Megyn Kelly asked: “Do you have a political motive?”

They said the politics is what prompted them to go public.  The lies and the disinformation and the obfuscation.

Was it about a video?  And who is lying?  Hillary Clinton says “it’s not me.”  Meaning the operators were lying and the surviving family members are lying.

Hillary Clinton is denying once again that she told family members of Benghazi attack victims that a video was to blame for the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks — leaving only the possibility that the families are either lying or grossly mistaken about what the then-secretary of state told them in private.

The family members have publicly disputed Clinton’s claims, saying that the then-secretary of state explicitly blamed the film that day and said that she would go after the maker of the film, which many Muslims considered offensive.

Hillary Clinton blamed the non-existent “protests” and consulate attack on a ridiculous internet video.  This was wrong but Hillary Clinton went there anyway, in her official statement.

Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.

Susan Rice carried the absurdist video meme to all the Sunday news shows following the Tuesday 9-11-2012 attack. Judicial Watch discovered:

A newly released email collected by Judicial Watch in response to a FOIA request shows the White House pushed Ambassador Susan Rice to promote the idea that an internet video mocking Islam, not President Obama’s foreign policy, was responsible for attacks in the Middle East, including the one in Benghazi.

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton already knew the attack had nothing to do with a video.

“I believe to this day the video played a role.”

Obama and Jay Carney blamed the Benghazi attack on a poorly-produced video.  Obama knew this was false.

Clinton’s official statement was belied by an email she sent to her daughter the night of September 11th and a phone call she made to the Egyptian prime minister, where she said the attack was perpetrated by al Qaeda.

Hillary Clinton Email to Chelsea Re Benghazi AttackDiane Reynolds, by the way, is an alias for daughter Chelsea.

This was a naked attempt by the administration to make Americans feel guilty about their concerns involving Muslims.  A distraction built upon American guilt.

Hillary Clinton made her first statements already knowing there were no protests and that the video had nothing to do with the assault.

We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.”

That filmmaker was Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, creator of “The Innocence of Muslims.”  He spent time in prison because of Obama and Clinton’s false accusations, on a parole violation.

“Someone is lying here, Mrs Clinton; who is it?”

Hillary Clinton: “not me.”

Further, she was fully on board with hanging the blame for the shabby video “The Innocence of Muslims”

Megyn Kelly: “How true to life is the film?”

Paronto: “It brought home a lot of the truths that we went through.  I’d go back there in a heartbeat.”

We think that perhaps someone like an Ed Gein or a John Wayne Gacy or a Richard Daumer or a Hannibal Lecter is a sociopath?

I submit that Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are both damaging, violent psychopaths.  Sociopaths.  They both have American blood on their hands.

And why?  This?

And this?

The American Media Maggots have done their level best to minimize and denigrate the validity of this movie which means, by extension, the AMM mean to minimize and denigrate the sacrifices of our Sheepdogs. In order to protect their Leftist Masters.

All for political ends.

Meaning: in the true end, those four men who died in Benghazi were nothing more than little chess pieces moved about the ObamaLand board during his eight year attempt to kick America in the slats.

I am so glad I was able to see the film before it left theaters.

Every American should see the film if for no other reason than to realize that, yes, American is truly exceptional and, yes, there is true domestic evil in the world.



Finally: would you like to help our special operators like SEALs, Delta, Green Berets and the like?  Go to ShadowWarriorsProject.org, started by “Oz” and please donate.


10 thoughts on ““13 Hours” – the CIA LIES for Clinton & Obama

  1. It would please me if Hillary Clinton and all those other cover-up liars were taken to Guantanamo and “waterboarded”.

  2. Another lie is revealed when it is considered that it was important for State to deny a connection between events in Cairo and Benghazi. Odummy had stated that AQ is on it’s heels, therefore it was vital to deny the connection. But in Senate hearings, the witch states the Benghazi attacks were the work of Zarqawi.
    Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had already been so successful in Iraq that by 2004 he had eclipsed AQ so well that Osama bin Laden and his senior aide Ayman al-Zawahiri were put in the position of having to give their blessing, however reluctantly, to Zarqawi.

    Perhaps the witch and Odummy, et al, were counting this as old news, therefore fallen out of intelligence, but whatever the case, they had to deny a connection between AQ and Zarqawi in order to continue the false narrative as espoused by the traitor in chief. What troubled State was how to continue to deny the connection of AQ to the Benghazi attacks (for which Zarqawi had quickly claimed responsibility). The convenient lie was to lay blame on a video.

    BTW: the referenced video had been seen by no more than ten people at a private screening in California. The so-called video was a movie trailer. The movie was never released. This information is documented by Mr. Nakoula himself during the days just prior to his arrest.

  3. Addendum: The unmatched success of Zarqawi in Iraq led to bin Laden giving a franchise of the AQ brand. Zarqawi’s efforts were henceforth knowing as AQ-I. Zarqawi had also expressed his desire to move into North Africa, specifically Libya. This was in 2004.

  4. Crap, sorry, gotta add more. For clarification.

    The video mentioned by the witch, Rice, et is a movie trailer. The actual movie was not seen except at a private viewing.

    • That’s true. It used to actually be on YouTube but it’s mostly gone now.

      And yes, as we know, Mr Obama had “AQ on the run.”



  5. Juan William’s breath smells like Obama’s bodily fluids.
    When he was fired by Public Broadcasting I thought surely he’d see the truth.
    Hasn’t happened.
    What’s truly tragic is that most of his race agree with him.
    We’re screwed.

  6. We’re going to get the party line from the CIA. Brennan was appointed by Obama and is a like minded ideolog. He is a traitor like the rest of the Obama regime. Rumor has it that he converted to Islam while a station chief in the middle east. No, we will not get the truth from the CIA. They will shill for Obama and Clinton till the very end. The next POTUS, Trump or Cruz, needs to shake up the CIA big time.

    • Yes, I read about Brennan. Not sure of him. But even as much as the CIA — perhaps MORE — the State Department needs to be reshuffled and retuned.


  7. I am retired and far removed from the *source* of accurate information but I am saying this straight up; the debacle in Benghazi was a colossal fuck up on the grandest scale and MOST Americans could give a shit less…

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